🏯 Review: Nairi Tower Of Shirin - "awesome for point n click fans of ALL ages" (Nintendo Switch) 🏯 #GameDev @HomeBearStudio

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Developer: Home Bear Studio
Format: Nintendo Switch

Nairi Tower Of Shirin boasts elegantly hand-drawn storybook style visuals which draw you into this charming point and click adventure and it leaves you hoping that a follow up to this video game will come soon!

The art in this game immediately won me over, from the comic book style representations of the controls on the very first couple of screens I knew I was going to find it tough to not like this point n click adventure game.

In the beginning, you are thrust into the story immediately and I realised that this story was going to grab me immediately (even if it isn’t the most original premise). 

Essentially Nairi’s parents have been taken by the Royal Guard and you as Nairi have been hidden away from the guards in order to smuggle you away from danger. Up steps good old Fredrick to smuggle you out Shirin and that’s where the adventure begins.
The story predominantly plays with static cut scenes that are lovingly drawn followed a typical point n click style of scenes where you able to pick up items and use them things to help you progress. 

To be honest the gameplay is pretty standard point n click fayre, however, it’s the charm with which it is presented that really make this story stand out and make you want to play more. 

It’s clear that a lot of love was put into the creation of this video game and it fits perfectly on the Switch in order to really bring it alive. I played it in bite-sized chunks and it felt just right. 

The story moves along nice and gently and lets you invest time into getting to know the characters. Granted the writing isn’t amazing but again the way it is presented is lovely to watch.

When it comes to the puzzles they are the right side of challenging and I felt like they were never unfair. Some may need you to pick up a pen and a notebook to try and solve but that’s a massive plus point for me. There’s no real pixel hunting as such which is great news but some puzzles can slightly resemble one of those spot the difference type games but again that’s not to the detriment of the game. 
The static scenes may have popped more if there was some voice acting involved but Home Bear Studio was on a budget when making this Kickstarter funded game and I can totally understand that the use of voice actors may have bust the budget or worse yet they could have used bad/cheaper voice actors and that would have been to the detriment of the game.

I think what has been achieved here is absolutely awesome for point n click fans of ALL ages. I’m going to encourage my 6-year-old to play this game as part of her daily reading as it is just like an interactive storybook with puzzles. It’s an absolute winner.
The game finishes with an unfinished story so it leaves you wanting more from this game world. Let’s hope that Home Bear get the funding to go again with the PART II of this stunningly lovely video game.

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Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Recommended with reservations, one to consider if you are a fan of the genre)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)