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20 - Video Gaming Grabbed Hold Of Me From The Age Of 7 When I Played Bomb Jack On The ZX Spectrum +2 For The First Time.......

30 - It's Been In My Blood Ever Since........

40 - Over The Years I Have Played So Many Video Games On So Many Consoles & Computers And Have Always Wanted To Be Involved In Video Games One Way Or Another

50 - When You Have Played As Many Games As I Have and Read As Many Copies Of Mean Machines & Super Play, You End Up With An Opinion On Gaming That You Have To Share

60 - Established in 2013 that's Where Games Freezer Came In ........ 

70 - Games Freezer Is The Place Where I Have Stored My Gaming Memories Over All These Years And It's The Place Where I Get To Tell The Retrogaming Community Exactly What I Think About Various Video Games Topics

80 - Since Britt joined the Games Freezer family back in 2016 the site has grown and now focuses not only on Retro Gaming but also Indie Games Reviews and Previews. 

90 - Britt is a gaming monster who devours video games for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, tea, snacks and midnight feasts. His insatiable appetite for video games has led to some amazingly well written reviews on some of the cream of the indie games crop over the last few years. If you look out of your window at night you might see a Welsh guy walking across the moors with a falming gavel in his hand......that's Britt...


100- The Whole Point Of GAMES FREEZER Is To Connect With Like Minded Video Gaming People Who Understand That The Essence Of Video Games is FUN!

110- Learn More About The Games Freezer Staff Here "The Deep Freeze"

120 - Take A Look At The History Of Games Freezer "Games Freezer, 4 Years In The Making"