☆ Pang Man Part 16 – Cool Video Games Places: "The Star Club!" (A Super Mario Themed Bar!) ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

Pang Man is BACK and this time he's been on his travels to Japan!

Our roving reporter has sampled some video gaming delights from the land of the rising sun and is about to share these with all our lucky readers.....

Now let's head off to The Star Club with Pang Man!


☆ The Best Disney Video Games Of The 16 Bit Era ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

Disney Video Games Over The Years Have Been Amazing To Look At And Quite Often Backed Up By Great Game-Play Too!

The Disney Video Games From The 16 Bit Era Of The Super Nintendo and SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Are The Video Games That Get My Disney Associated Nostalgia Gland Pumping!

So Here Is My GIF Homage To My Top 5 Fave Disney Video Games From The 16 Bit Era.


☆ "Gamer Geek Girl Is The Undisputed Chun Li Queen Of Street Fighter 2" ☆ #retrogaming #PS4 #GamersUnite

"Chun Li Looks Good For 48 Years Old!!"

When you come across the amount of awesome people I do within the video games community you tend to want to know their background and how they originally got into video gaming.

My favourite stories from people are the ones where they reminisce about early video games memories as I just love to wallow in the nostalgia of being blown away by a NES, SNES or SEGA Mega Drive.

To me and a whole generation of awesome dudes and dudettes these were the formative years of our love affair with video games.

Today I would like to introduce you all the Bethany who is the latest member of the Games Freezer family.

Bethany has agreed to share with us all her video games life story so far and I know a lot of this will bring smiles to all those people who were 80's & 90's kids....


☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 19 "Turn Based Combat Perfection" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

1. A video game that is beautiful

2. A video game that sounds mystical and fantastical

3. A video game that sweeps you away into a mystical world


☆ The Games Freezer Retro Gaming Links Roundup ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

As you know, the Games Freezer choc full of FROZEN RETRO GAMING Goodness.

I've been sitting a few frozen retro gaming gems for a few weeks now and I thought it would be a good time to share these nuggets with you all.


☆ My Top 5 Super Nintendo Mode 7 Moments ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

Mode 7 is a legendary graphics mode that was present in a certain number of Super Nintendo Video Games during the 1990's. 

It made everyone's jaw drop with its 3D looking effects that were unheard of in the console world at the time. 

I was a sucker for these games and I'm going to revisit some of my favourite Mode 7 Moments with you all now.

Watch Out Because Mode 7 Is ABOUT!!