Golfinite Nintendo Switch Review 7.5/10 "A surprisingly moreish golf title" 🏌️‍♂️⛳️ #IndieGame #GameDev @pmurph0305

As a keen – and yet impressively dreadful – amateur golfer, I’m always on the lookout for new golf titles to get me swingin’. Golfinite takes an interesting approach, in having a lot of depth to tuck into with the full array of clubs and shot styles available, as well as wind conditions and environmental hazards – the usual elements of golf games – but also taking a lighter approach in some of the wackier hazards that can get in your way, and the arcade-like power-ups that you can purchase with earned coins. These additions allow you to craft a playstyle that suits you, whether it be a ‘straighter’ style of plain golf, or more colourful and fun, which is a nice touch.

Golfinite has several modes available. Firstly, there are various challenges that unlock stars, experience, and coins, a freeplay mode that allows you to customise your own experience, and four full-length courses to play through, each with their own bespoke environmental hazards to add variety.

The core gameplay is something that I found really fun, it takes a few shots to fully lock in to the lay of the land, but the main gameplay loop was engaging and satisfying – and the top-down, pixel visuals work perfectly and smoothly on the Switch. This gameplay is also backed up by a gentle and unobtrusive soundtrack that lilts along as you make your way around the four courses available.


In summary, Golfinite is a very casual and enjoyable single player experience. With hints of early 8-bit golf games in the directional green readings, lack of an avatar, and view-point, it provides a smooth experience that has just enough tweaks and options available to suit your style of play. It also feels well-priced for the content it delivers, a great little game for a quick blast in the evenings, or perhaps during a commute.

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