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Having played Metal Gear Since The Very Beginning We Have Many A Favourite Metal Gear Moment.....

Metal Gear Solid Was Like Nothing Else We'd Ever Played Before And Made Us Realise How Video Games Can Reach Out To The Player In A Way That No Other Medium Can....

Hideo Kojima Is The Master Of This And Over The Years He Has Delighted Us With Snake's Missions All Over The Globe...

Here's Our Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Moments Followed By Hideo's......

5. Metal Gear Solid 2 - Playing As Raiden

So one minute you're going along nicely as Snake and then the next thing you know you're flipped into Raiden who is on a mission to save the president! At the time we remember how totally flipped the game upside down making it feel like 2 games in one!

4. Metal Gear Solid - Psycho Mantis Boss Battle

This Boss Battle at the time was ground breaking and so memorable that it's gone down in video game folklore.
The fact that Psycho Mantis Reads your mind (memory card) and also disables your joypad (plug it into port 2) is a stroke of genius.
It's a marvellous moment in video gaming history that really moved the medium forward.

3. The Cardboard Box

A humble item that too anyone else would be useless in a hostile war torn environment however, Snake knows exactly how to to use that cardboard receptacle to his advantage.

Snake outwits many a guard and foe by using the box with legs trick. It was this moment that we fell in love with the number one most deadly item in the MGS universe.... VIVA CARDBOARD!

2. Metal Gear Solid III - The End Boss Battle

The End goes down as one of THE TOUGHEST boss battles of all time. This dude is something else. Tough to find in the foliage of the jungle and even tougher to land a shot on him with your sniper rifle......

Confession time.....we never beat him! In fact it took so long that the PS2 clock had moved on 2 weeks and we were still trying to beat him when he passed away.......R.I.P The End

1. Sneaky Sneaky Very Sneaky

Does it get any better than sneaking around a level as Snake...the one man army who can take on anyone and anything without being seen.

There's nothing more satisfying than outwitting enemies, sneaking up behind them and then choking them out using the art of CQC

Sneaky is the way to play Metal Gear games in our eyes and the thing is, you get to choose whether you will or wont play that way. 

If you are a sneaky sneakerson then you can truly be rewarded by the tactical espionage side of the game......absolutely marvellous!

Now you've heard our Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Moments, listen to Hideo Kojima talk through his favourite Metal Gear moments

Everyone Has A Favourite Metal Gear Moment.....

What's Yours?

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