♥Games Freezer Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Moments♥ @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN #GamersUnite #MetalGearSolid

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Having played Metal Gear Since The Very Beginning We Have Many A Favourite Metal Gear Moment.....

Metal Gear Solid Was Like Nothing Else We'd Ever Played Before And Made Us Realise How Video Games Can Reach Out To The Player In A Way That No Other Medium Can....

Hideo Kojima Is The Master Of This And Over The Years He Has Delighted Us With Snake's Missions All Over The Globe...


★Website Of The Day "8 Bit Football"★ @8BitFootball @SuperRockGames #PixelArt #GameDev #KickStarter #Retrogaming

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Football, "The Beautiful Game" 

is a love so very dear to our heart.

So if you were to cross football (soccer) with Pixel Art & video games then we are in seventh heaven

As you can imagine, when we stumbled across 8 Bit Football.Com it was our dreams come true!

The guys at "8 Bit Football" draw football players in low resolution........a simple mission but boy are they good at it....

The pixel art is Sensible Soccer-esque but with even more added character.

All the footballers and scenes are instantly recognisable to any serious football fan and we found it like reading football comic book as we relived some of the memorable moments from seasons gone by in not only the domestic game but also the international game.

Feast your eyes on some of this marvellous pixel art work by the 8 Bit Guys

Not just satisfied with producing these amazingly cool Pixel Art masterpieces the guys at 8 Bit Football are working with the Indie Game Developer "Super Rock Games" from London in order to develop a video game in the mould of Sensible Soccer and Kick Off and they are calling it....

They are currently beavering away on the match engine and honing the game play. 

But due to the small nature of the game dev team and the BIG ambition of this brilliant project, they have instigated a KickStarter funding campaign to make it a reality. 

They will soon launch the campaign on Kickstarter and will need ALL OUR support to achieve it's goal!

Keep track of the Game Dev Blog >>>HERE<<< for more up to date news of when the campaign will be launched and also for up to date development news!

We'll be waiting with baited breath for this beauty to be released!! 

Keep Up To Date By Following @8BitFootball on Twitter 

RetroGaming, Games Freezer

And don't forget to Follow @SuperRockGames

Game dev, Retrogaming

We'll Make Sure We Do A Follow Up On All Things 8 Bit Football & Pixel Soccer Once We Know More!

RetroGaming, Game Dev, Pixel Art


☆Game Of The Day - "Sanctuary RPG"☆ @BlackShellGames #GameDev #GamersUnite #RetroGaming

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ASCII art, RetroGaming,

 The Last Time We Covered An ASCII-art Video Game Was "Candy Box" Which Was All In All A Pretty Simple But absorbing Video Game.....

Sanctuary RPG Comes Across As Something So Much More Than That.....

It's a true attempt at a complex and all consuming video game experience mostly put aside for the complex systems of the PC and Console Generations of today....

Take A Look At This Cool Sanctuary RPG Trailer To Get A Feel For This Cool Video Game..

Sanctuary RPG is termed as a "strategic turn-based monster slaying and dungeon crawling adventure" and all of this cool stuff set in a retro ASCII-art game world. 

Therefore this is a truly unique experience in todays world of high end graphics..

RetroGaming, ASCII art

Sanctuary RPG draws its inspiration from Roguelikes and Japanese RPGs video games.

Sanctuary RPG has been painstakingly designed by the Black Shell Games team to offer a unique and compelling game-play experience that has been combined with an action-rpg style combat system......SOUNDS COOL EH!

ASCII art, RetroGaming

If you enjoy the look and feel of Retro ASCII graphics, travelling through vast dungeons, having the option to play through hundreds of hours of absorbing storyline, formulating and utilising combat strategies with over 160 class and race combinations to play with and destroying enemies with over 1400 weapons and armor whilst rocking out to an original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack...........

ASCII art, Retrogaming

Some Of The Other Cool Things About This ASCII Marvel Are:

- The Ability To Collect Achievements! (for no reason whatsoever)

- Forge your own weapons & Customize and utilize robotic pets in battle!
- Sell craft beers and run your own tavern in the games very own simulated economy!

ASCII art, Retrogaming

Well we did warn you that this game was absolutely marvellous......and guess what?!

It's FREE! Yes that's right this wonderful creation is FREE but we would really urge you to donate what you think it's worth when you download this beautifully crafted game.....

Sanctuary RPG, Retrogaming, ASCII art



Retrogaming, Retro Gamer


☆Game Of The Day - "dreamroom"☆ @DreamRoomGame #PixelArt #GameDev

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 Pixel Art, Game Dev

Here at Games Freezer We Are Committed To Bringing The Coolest Games In The World Before Anyone Else Hears About Them....

So Whilst doing our usual rounds on Twitter we stumbled across this cool looking indie video game from Rittenhouse called dreamroom

Naturally we were hypnotised by the beautiful use of Pixel Art in the screenshots that are on display at the dreeamroom website 

Apart from the beauty of the Pixel Art we havn't got much to go on apart from the following description from the website.......
"DreamRoom is a hypnotic pixel art tale about the worlds of our minds. 

Painting a story that is beautiful, personal, and terrifying to experience, DreamRoom invites you to enter a labyrinth of thoughts and feelings, to face the darkness within.

DreamRoom is a hypnotic tale about the worlds of our minds.

Painting a story that is beautiful, personal, and terrifying to experience,
DreamRoom invites you to enter a labyrinth of thoughts and feelings,
to face the darkness within."

game dev, indie game

"Visually and audibly, DreamRoom is artistically crafted,
voyaging the world of dreams through imaginative places,
and enrapturing sounds and music."

Game Dev, Indie Game
"Lay your head back, and close your eyes.
Listen to the soft rain hitting your window.

When the time is right, enter your dreams to answer their mysterious callings.
DreamRoom will be a game experience like no other.
Return here to follow the development of this incredible journey."

 Sounds Pretty Darn Cool Eh......

Very Mysterious.....

Why Don't You Guys Taker Closer Look At

game dev, indie game

Follow them on Twitter @DreamRoomGame

Visit their Indie DB Page at www.indiedb.com/games/dreamroom

Game Dev, indie game

In the meantime we'll get in contact with the cool dudes at +DreamRoom to tell us a bit more about this amazingly good looking game!

RetroGaming, Retro Gamer


♥Game Art Gallery♥ @Videogame_Art_ #GamersUnite #GameArt

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Games Freezer

Take A Look At This Fine Selection Of Our Favourite Video Game Art From The Week


Much Love Goes To @VideoGame_Art_ For A Stream Of Amazing Game Art Tweets!

Feast Your Eyes On These Lovely Video Games Inspired Pieces!


♡Screenshot Gallery♡ @Hive_5 @TopRetroGames #Retrogaming #GamersUnite #ScreenshotSaturday

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RetroGaming, Video Games, Retro Gamer

Normally At The Weekend We Mash The Finest Video Game Art Together With The Finest Screenshots, But This Weekend Will Be Different.....


Games Freezer Will Honour.....


"The Games Freezer Screenshot Gallery" 




"The Games Freezer Game Art Gallery"



Our Fave Screenshot Twitter Friends  


@Hive_5 & @TopRetroGames 

Have Come Up Trumps Again With A Varied Mix Of C☆☆L RetroGaming Video Game Screenshots


So Lets Get This Party Started With The 

Games Freezer Screenshot Gallery! 

We Bet You Can't Name ALL The Games.....

See How Many You CAN Name And Let Us Know How You Got On!

RetroGaming, retro gamer,


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