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SOMA was not the Video Game that I was expecting and that's a good thing......

As I have now officially completed my SOMA journey I am now qualified to tell you all how I feel about this brilliant video game.....

When I bought SOMA I thought I was purchasing a scare a minute video game horror title that was going to make me jump out of me seat.

Instead and quite refreshingly, I played a SOMA that built up the perceived threat in a gradual manner and let you decide how you were going to deal with the terror that lies within the SOMA world.

Yes, there were parts of the game that made you face off to this evil presence however, you could actually play most of the game just being a scaredy cat and hiding from it. For me that made the threat even scarier as you have no means to defend yourself as you hide in the shadows and sweat it out.

The main protagonist does not stand a chance against one of the berzerk monster abominations that lurk in SOMA and you really feel that helplessness as you play.

This means that you spend more time observing the grim reality of the underwater post apocalyptic world that has been skillfully crafted in this atmospheric and clever game. 

Your relationship with Catherine is built up around this threat from the monsters and you find yourself yearning for more conversation as you work your way through the game on a lonely trudge through the remains of PATHOS II.

The inhabitants of PATHOS II are no longer about in the physical sense but they have left enough of their lives around for you to piece together the shocking truth of what went down here.......

It's a sinister video game that succeeds in drawing you in and making you want to discover the chilling reality of what went on and it the same time it doesn't resort to cheap thrill horror to make it's mark (there is one occasion I can think of actually BUT you gotta have one of those occasions right? I think it's written in Video Game Horror 101)

I can't recommend this game enough to those who enjoy great story telling and dark atmospheric video game settings. 

You will come away from this game questioning what makes you human........kinda deep huh?!

Have YOU Played SOMA?

What Were YOUR Thoughts On This Great Game?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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