🍨 Pang Man Part 37: A trip to the Kirby Café 🍨 #Kirby

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On my previous visit to Japan in 2016 I was gutted when I missed out on going to the Kirby Café restaurant, so this time I was delighted to find out that the Kirby Café pop up was returning on dates which coincided with my own.
However, this excitement was short-lived when I discovered that the café had been booked up in for months in advance.
Undeterred I decided to visit the venue, anyway, have a quick look around and hopefully, take a few photos.

The pop-up cafe was based in Skytree town which was the same location as before in 2016.
The menu looked amazing and was full of Kirby inspired dishes.
I walked in and asked the staff if I could have a quick peek inside. To my disappointment I was told no, and that only customers with bookings could go in.  
Feeling slightly dejected I was about to trudge off when I was told that if I wanted merchandise there was a Kirby store around the corner.
Feeling energised once again I quickly followed the directions and was soon surrounded by a ton of Kirby goodies.
One of my favourite items was these Kirby glasses. I just really liked the 2D old-school sprite design
These sweets were colourful, and I regret not getting a jar for myself.
The strangest item was definitely the Kirby café pasta….
The phone cases had some nice designs…
And there was your usual assortment of toys, plushes, badges, clothes, snacks and stationery…

There were so many things I wanted to buy, but in the end, I got myself a Kirby Soap dispenser and a limited-edition Kirby Café Chef plush.

As the Kirby Café and Store are temporary pop-ups, I think they will only be open until around Feb 2019.
However, on the off chance you fancy a visit then the address is 4F Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi 1-1-2 Oshiage.
Pang Man

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