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Hotline Miami has kept me entertained for the last few weeks and now I have completed this brilliant game I am left wondering how I went from bumbling bludgeoner to hard to kill hitman in a game that tested me every step of the way. 

This video game was tough to begin with and then proceeded to get tougher!

This game conditions you and absolutely demands that you learn to become deadly now or else it will smash your face in repeatedly. 

Hotline Miami forces you to think differently by grabbing you by the short n curlys from minute one and never letting go.

Even when you think you're finished, you're not as it has a twist at the end and as always it's on Hotline's terms and not yours. You will be forced to keep on playing whether you want to or not.

Hotline forces you to be aggressive even when you don't want to be. It rewards precise aggression coupled with on the fly planning rather than over cautious sniping from distance. 

Whenever I take on a shooting game I default to taking cover and picking off targets from distance without the need to get up close and personal. I am always the sniper and never the berserker. Hotline doesn't allow you to do that for long as you will find you need to bring all sorts of skills to the table to work your through all the levels.

What keeps you coming back for more? Well the overriding feeling throughout the whole game is WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Am I dreaming? Is this a 'bad trip'? 

That sense of not really understanding the plot remains throughout as information is teased and encounters get weirder with every play and every level. It got to a point where the Hospital level made me feel sea sick and the game remained in my head even in my sleep!

The following can be said of Hotline Miami, it's Addictive, it makes you Curious to see what the hell will happen next, It's totally Abstract and the graphical style and awesome soundtrack add to that feeling, it's actually Chilling throughout and reminds me immensely of the Utopia drama on channel 4. 

It's like no other game i've ever played and I have loved every minute of the steep learning curve and the unnatural control system that has now turned me into an efficient and deadly force not to be reckoned with in 1980's Miami!

Since completing the game I have watched an intriguing short documentary on the makers of the Hotline Miami games and I was intrigued to see what the guys behind this were thinking.

Take a look for yourself below:

Also, if this kind of cold, chilling, dystopian drama grips you like it does me then check out UTOPIA here:

Have You Played Hotline Miami Yet?

How Did You Get On With This Tough But Rewarding Challenge Of A Video Game?

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