☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 13 "My 100% Completion Obsession" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

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My video games world has been dominated for the last month by a game that started out as a casual romp and ended up being an obsession to complete it 100%.....

That video game obsession for me was FAR CRY 4.....

Have you ever played a video game that you were actually fed up with until you completed it just because you wanted to complete it 100%?

The thing with FAR CRY 4 is that there is so much to do. Granted the exploration is fairly weak compared to the likes of Fallout but there is still a lot of boxes to tick.

And that's exactly what this game feels like sometimes, a box ticking exercise. Find this many of X complete this many of Y. 

The thing is once you get going you feel like you just can't stop.

I'm normally the type of person who hones in on a few key targets such as Bobble Heads or a few trophies or achievements that catch my eye. Apart from these type of completion targets I don't usually get hooked on 100% completion BUT with FAR CRY 4 it was different. The more I played the more I needed to 100% it.

It was repetitive, it was sometimes pretty tedious but it was a game that was taunting me and telling me that I wouldn't be able to beat it 100%.......

I went about finding countless Propaganda Posters and Mani Wheels. Then I was hooked on Lost Letters and Mohan Ghale's journals. Then it was all about Kyrati Racing and Survival missions which were really annoying because you were unable to tell if you had previously completed them or not!

My hunting obsession came next as I tried to complete all Kyrati Fashion Week missions and get myself all the top upgrades for the bags and holsters of FC4. Those damn Honey Badgers still give me chills!

Lastly it was THE ARENA battles that made me endure round after round of grinding out points to get me to LEVEL 10. It was a mind numbing experience but it meant I was able to unlock the last weapon that I will never use (THE BUSHMAN).........

Finally I thought i'd completed the game and I was only 98.8% ......... I'd despatched Pagan Min but I still hadn't conquered Pagan's fortress ! 

When I finally overturned the Pagan fortress I had an urge to never play this bloody game again!

What was my best bit? It has to be the Buzzer mini copters, they are great! 

What was my worst bit? THE EFFIN' ARENA!!!!

Have You Ever Kept Playing A Game To Complete It Even Though It Annoyed The Hell Out Of You?

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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