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So I finally got round to playing Everybody's Gone To The Rapture.

This is a game I knew i'd like immediately as it's thought provoking and quite emotional and those are the kind of games I tend to remember the most as they stick with me long after I have pushed the power button to OFF.

I'd read  few things about the game before but tried to avoid any big clues as to the storyline so I was able to take on the game without any pre-conceptions.

I can tell you now that this game draws you right in. You can't rush around the game world you have to pace things out and think as though you were actually visiting this empty village in the 1980's. 

It is one enchanting and bitter sweet experience that I will never forget. As a gamer we are being treated to some of the finest pieces of drama on our consoles at this moment in time and this is one of those games that showcases how strong a story teller a video game can be.

The minimal controls add to the immersion and this really helps you to feel as though you are just floating around this village peeking into peoples lives via some kind of supernatural energy orbs.

It took me a little while to work out the more complex mechanic of tilting the joypad to tune into the snippets of story line told by the orbs of light but once I understood it, it became second nature (it reminded me a little of picking locks in Fallout 3 actually)

The exploration is different in this game as it feels semi linear and yet also throws up some neat little surprises and areas. I actually felt dread every time I walked into an abandoned home and headed upstairs to see what awaited me........

This amazing landmark game is only a tenner in the Playstation Store right now so there's never been a better time to grab it and give it a go.

If you liked Firewatch, then you will love this too (in a different way)

Next Stop For Me On My PS4 Journey Will Be SOMA........

I'll let you all know how I get on with this once I get going......

Have You Played Everybodys Gone Yet?

What Did YOU Make Of It?

Let Me Know In The Comments Below

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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