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In all of video gaming history, there has been an unwritten rule that every video game known to man must contain a Water Level, An Ice/Snow/Winter Level, A Desert Level and A Sky Level.

I've played many games over the years and for each of these level types I have experienced a fair few variants of these levels.

Today I'd like to present to you my most memorable versions of each of these level types.

They're mainly memorable for being good examples of the level type but some are on the list because they are so annoying and frustrating that they live long in the memory! 

Let's take a look at what made the cut for my most memorable versions of these levels, shall we?


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Dam Level - NES

"This gets on the list for being so frustrating that I wanted to kick my mates NES through the open window!"

Alex Kidd In Miracle World - Water Level - SMS

"Being the built in video game on my SMS meant that this level was played thousands of times over! What cool music too!!"

Super Mario World - Soda Lake - SNES

"A lesson in water level perfection. Perfect music, perfect level design and not hair tearingly frustrating!"

SONIC The Hedgehog - Labrinth Zone - SMD

"The bubble for air mechanic, the great music and the change in pace make this such a memorable Zone and who could forget the water slide part!?!"

Earthworm Jim - Down The Tubes - SMD

"This game is rock hard and this level brings sweat to my brow just thinking about it but I just love the game. Piloting a glass sub was a stroke of genius...."


Psycho Fox - Round 6-1 - SMS

"A delight throughout and a great example of a good ice level that doesn't overdo the slide mechanic to the point that you get pissed off."

Metal Gear Solid - Alaska - PS1

"For me, this opening to the game is the most memorable opening of all time and by the time you get past the opening cinematics and are in the openness of Alaska you feel like you are Snake and you are out in the snow trying to outsmart those pesky genome soldiers. Sheer awesomeness!"

Super Mario Kart - Vanilla Lake - SNES

"Bloody tough but bloody great. Working out how to use your power slide effectively on this slip slider of a course is the kind of stuff that makes Super Mario Kart the greatest version of Mario Kart"

Sonic 3 - Icecap Zone - SMD

"Sonic on a snow board, what more do you need from a winter level?"

Robocod 2 - HUB WORLD "Arctic Toys" - SMD

"I was crap at this game and never completed it BUT this hub world will live long in the memory. This game is colourful, cute and full of Penguin Chocolate Bars!"


Super Star Wars - Dune Sea - SNES

"So my friend lends me his SNES converter and a copy of the Jap version of Super Star Wars. The game kicks off with an awesome Star Wars intro and then I'm plunged into the Dune Sea. I then realise that this game is bloody hard but I instantly fall in love with it"

Desert Strike - Opening Mission - SMD

"This for me was a game that epitomised the 90's and was made perfectly EA was at the top of their class at this point and that first mission on this game made me feel like I was at the frontline of the Gulf War! An awesome game needs a reboot..."

Super Mario Bros 3 - Quicksand - NES/SNES

"That bloody sun! Grrrrrr.....so many mistimed jumps meant the sun was always taunting me as I lost another life to this level *waves fist at SKY*"

Uncharted 3 - The Rub Al Khali - PS3/PS4

"This is one of the few current gen games that I have included but for me, nothing encapsulates being in the desert better than playing this level of this awesome video game. Of course, Naughty Dog is better than anyone at making games feel something but this level really makes you feel desperate for water and shelter from that damn sun! *waves fist at SKY!*"

Super Mario Kart - Donut Plains - SNES

"The sand element of this track gets it a desert level status. I love the sliding around corners on this track and those moles are just out of the way enough not to cause too much stress unless you are off of your racing line. Such a fun course!"


Bioshock Infinite - Columbia - PS3

"Of course the single most beautiful Sky World of Columbia needs to be on this list. Just look at it!"

Megaman 2 - Air Man - NES

"This game still leaves me shivering in a cold sweat. It's so damn hard. This level kicks my ass every single time. It gives me vertigo!"

Chrono Trigger - Zeal Palace - SNES

"A beautiful floating pixel art palace from a game that is so good to look at and play. This had to make it on my list. You'll find me staring at this level lovingly most days of the week." 

SONIC 2 - Sky Chase Zone - SMD

"A wing walking Sonic with Tails piloting the plane is just so satisfying.Throw in some flying turtle jet powered mechs

Super Mario 64 - Mario Wings To The Sky - N64

"Mario takes to the sky with his winged cap and soars into coins. My god, it feels good as he's blasted out of that cannon. Mario Magic at its finest!"

So there you have my most memorable video game level types from various franchises across video games history.

Which levels would YOU pick?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below



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