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Games are ten times better when you play them with friends. A lot of us spend time gaming online, but there are instances where we get together with others for some IRL fun. In these cases, it helps to have some fun party games to play with everyone. So, here's a pick of some great games you can all play in the same room:


Jackbox is basically designed to be played with a group of friends. There are loads of different variations of this game, and you can download them on Steam. All you need is for one person to own the game and play it through either a games console or PC, while everyone else can play via an app on their phones. It features a series of party games that involve things like general knowledge, coming up with witty one-liners, and even some drawing games as well. Pick your party pack, download the game, and everyone is guaranteed to have some fun!

Murder Mystery Games

Now, this is such a fun game that takes you away from the video game scene and immerses you in a real-life experience. You can find a murder mystery game pack online, which will give you everything you need to make this game as enjoyable as possible. In essence, one person in the group is the murderer, and everyone else has to find out who they are. Think of it as Cluedo in real life, and the game pack will include instructions and storylines to help move everything along. It's incredibly funny to see all of your friends descend into chaos trying to figure out who the murderer is before everyone dies. 

Super Mario Party

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you basically have a chance to play so many fun party games with friends. The beauty of the switch is that you instantly have two controllers straight out of the box, and every controller you buy gives you two more as they can be split in two. If your friends have Switches, they can bring their controllers as well. Super Mario Party includes tonnes of fun mini-games where you all battle it out against one another. It adds a competitive edge as everyone wants to end up as the winner. Adding some forfeits for losers can also make this game very interesting!


A classic board game that definitely deserves to be dusted out when the friends are over. The concept is simple; you have to draw what's on a card for your team to guess. Again, it gets super competitive, but in a funny sort of way. Plus, the sheer hilarity of some people's drawings makes this even funnier. Tears will flow, laughs will be shared, and you will want to keep playing Pictionary for a very long time. 

There's a really brilliant mixture of games here to enjoy IRL with your friends, ranging from some video games to classic board games. Also, while the aim of this post was to give some IRL party game ideas, all of them can be done online too. Pictionary can be swapped out for, there are online murder mystery games as well - the opportunities are endless. 


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  2. I am in love with Murder Mystery Games. This is an insane game which is full of mystery. I bet on this game everyone will love this game because of this mystery. You can play this game with you family and friends so easily.


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