πŸ•Ή️ How Do You Celebrate Your Enthusiasm For A Franchise? πŸ•Ή️

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How do you show your loyalty to a brand? For clothes, we tend to buy special edition items, such as sneakers that are around for a limited time only. For things like music, we tend to support our favorite artists by buying their 1st edition album. For books it's the same, we go to the opening of a book sale, and we get a signed copy.

So what do you do for gaming?

Well, you can buy special edition figures, t-shirts and other forms of memorabilia. However, you have to separate the cheap stuff from the quality so you can be proud of having it in your home.

Model Vehicles

The two best franchises for model cars are, of course, James Bond and the hooded hero Batman. Both of these heroes have cars that are instantly recognizable. Perhaps the best quality is found in Diecast Model Cars as they usually have moving components such as doors, hoods, trunks and wheels. So you can pose the car how you want on a shelf. The classic James Bone car with the trunk open or the door open is a great talking point in a room. Not to mention, the Batman car has a lot of features such as a moving hatch, exhaust, and lights. You may also want to look at alternative cars, such as the James Bond car that can have the top-down and the Batman vehicles of the modern films.

Statues or Busts?

There’s always been a debate between artists whether a bust or statue is more fitting when paying tribute to men and women throughout history and fiction. You’ve probably seen the famous busts of politicians, generals and various kings and queens throughout the ages. So when you are trying to pay homage to a franchise you like, should you get a bust or a statue

We think that when you’re trying to pay tribute to one particular person in a franchise, then a bust is better. It captures their facial features, their eyes and generally who they are as a person purely by their expression. A statue should be reserved for a team portrait of some kind. This can be when paying tribute to a franchise cast, a list of characters etc. 

Time to Dress Up

When it's time to put on a costume, it's the perfect opportunity to dress like a character you support. This could be when going to a party, a sporting event, a festival or a holiday. Should you make your costume at home, buy it off the shelf or have it uniquely made? Custom-made character costumes are becoming very popular as bespoke clothing becomes more affordable. Try ordering your own custom costume for your next festival or house party.

We all celebrate our enthusiasm for the franchise we love in different ways. Perhaps the most iconic is a scale model for the home, but you can also buy amazing handmade art pieces too.

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