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It feels like it’s been a long time since I covered a more ‘experiential’ game and Say No! More is definitely in this camp.

An idiosyncratic title that casts you as an intern on their first day on a new job,  gifted with the ability to only say ‘no’ in various ways - or occasionally, nothing at all - Say No! more is a fun and gently empowering game that approaches its goal with an open and embracing heart.

After designing your character, the game sees your funky intern have an awkward meeting with a best friend to whom they owe rent. All is good, it’s just clear that your character lacks financial stability and is also somewhat lacking in the confidence department.

Upon starting their first day at a mega-corporation run by bullies, however, they discover a cassette that - via an almost mystical force that calls to mind Hulk Hogan if he came from the Bronx - reinvigorates them with the power to say NO! in multiple ways.

Admittedly, walking around a set path and choosing how to say a single word to people that automatically block your way may not seem like the most involved of games - and you would be right in this regard.

The gameplay is scant here. What is available in massive, unicorn-rainbow dollops though, is a real sense of fun and a surprising tightness in terms of driving the games’ message across through a presentation that is pretty wacky and very much inspired by brilliant oddities such as Incredible Crisis.

The visuals reminded me of the original Virtua Cop (albeit far sharper and smoother), with beautiful, first-party, Saturn-era camera angle choices. There’s a real focus on physical comedy and I also adored the myriad ways in which office workers approached you and began talking, offering ways to dismiss them (or not). The office stereotypes are here in all their glory and I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of folks out there that will get a kick out of screaming at some of them so hard that they are blasted through a wall and well into the horizon.

The audio completely suits the colourful presentation and the voice work is all on point as you work your way higher up the office food chain, utilising the powers of negativity. All of this is great but you really have to be on board with the overall message - in all its sledgehammer subtlety – and sense of humour in order to overlook the extremely slim gameplay. I enjoyed my time with Say No! More but after ninety minutes or so, it did feel like I was doing exactly what I was doing at the start of the game, just with more of a flourish.

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