★Game Of The Day "MICH"☆ @mich_game @Rob_Kian #RetroGaming #GamersUnite #PixelArt

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Rob in Mich’s bedroom getting attacked by a paranormal lamp!

So our love affair with beautiful pixel art style games continues......

This time we've discovered a cool looking retrogaming inspired pixel art style video game called "MICH"

MICH is:

"A story based adventure set in London. About a regular dude in a regular town with an extraordinary girlfriend. 

Who's saving who?"

We don't know much more about the game yet other than 

"The game will contain paranormal themes"

We want to get inside ,Rob Candy ,the game creators mind in order to find out what has inspired him to create such a cool looking game and what the heck it's going to be all about!

Watch this space for that as hopefully we can track him down.....

Anyways here's some lovely screenshots from the game in progress......

MICH, GamesFreezer, retroGaming, pixelart

The above pic is the "Key Step Mechanic" and it is explained by the creator below:

"This is a screenshot showing in very basic terms, the Keystep mechanic. 

When you step on one of these Keysteps, the light changes colour. 

These must be stepped on in a certain order, (or a rolling boulder will crush your frail bones …just kidding) then they light up a different color to show you matched the pattern and something activates. In this case, a lift.

They will get trickier down the line and being a quick little jumper could save your life!"

Here's some other cool screenshots from the work in progress game:





You can keep up to date on MICH's Progress through 

Games Freezer 


The Following methods:

Follow @Mich_Game

 Follow @Rob_Kian

Aswell as 

Wow, that's a lot of ways to keep track of MICH !

So make sure you do and we'll do our best to get in contact with MICH's creator to get the FULL LOWDOWN as soon as we can!

Until Next Time Friends .... KEEP COOL

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"Rich Reporting From The Games Freezer"


★RetroGaming Games Freezer Bulletin★ @RetroAsylum1 @RetroCollect @Elite_Systems #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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Games Freezer, RetroGaming


Over the last couple of weeks we've been treated to many cool things RetroGaming Related.

We've decided to pack them all up into a nice little package just for you and call it the Retrogaming Games Freezer Bulletin.

So take a little look at the things and people that have piqued our interest over the course of January.


There's nothing on the site yet, but we love their website banner!
Keep an eye on this one to see what gets posted......

"Reaching The Far Lands"

"Reaching the Far Lands: one man's journey to the end of 'Minecraft' "

 "On March 28, 2011, Kurt J. Mac opened a new game of Minecraft and started to walk — and he hasn't stopped. Nearly three years later, he's traveled seven hundred virtual kilometers in hopes of reaching the end of the Minecraft world, a mysterious place called the Far Lands."
Read The Full Story HERE

Retro Asylum Podcast

We're probably a bit late to the party but we've got right into The Retro Asylum Podcast.

We recommend you get on over to Retro Asylum NOW and have a listen to the gaming goodness that they preach!


We saw a pic on Twitter from @RetroCollect that took us all the way back to the pre internet days when Teletext & Ceefax ruled the airwaves.

The gamers Teletext Page of choice back in those days was Digitiser

Digitiser was the IGN of it's day, the most up to date Video Games News and Reviews site of the day.

We'd forgotten all about this until Retro Collect posted this cool pic! 

Digital Games Museum

Take a trip to Digital Game Museum to see how these cool dudes and dudettes SAVE GAMES!

Bluetooth ZX Spectrum

There's only one day left to back the brilliant elite ZX Spectrum KickStarter, head over NOW to be a part of Video Games History (again) 

Guide To The Best Android Emulators

As our regular readers will know we've spent a lot of time looking into emulators recently and we found this article to be a great source of video game emulation knowledge....

Take A Look And Have A Read HERE


 That's just a small glimpse of the stuff that we havn't managed to cover over the past few weeks and rest assured we have got plenty more to cover as the world of Retro Gaming is just full of great stories right now!


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☆Welcome To The Wonderful World Of "Super Video Game Land"☆ @AnthonyBulcao #RetroGaming #GamersUnite #GameArt

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"I work at a fish market, I like to draw and paint, this world overwhelms me." @AnthonyBulcao 2014

On Tuesday 28th January 2014 our retro gaming world was changed forever.......

We discovered the world of Super Video Game Land on Twitter which has created its own mini storm in the world of retrogaming and in it's founders own words he said,

"Today I went from 15 followers to 70. It was really exciting. Thanks everybody!"

As of today @AnthonyBulcao is at 95 followers and it's growing as the RetroGaming community spreads the word about this amazing talent.....


Well, the reason is down to the fact that Anthony has begun to post his wonderful retro video game inspired game art on his Twitter Timeline.......

When you witness his wonderful work you will understand why we are so excited.....

Anthony seems to have captured the innocence of video games from the bygone era in a wonderfully playful and almost child like art style...

Looking at one of Anthony's pieces of work is like looking back into how your mind remembers those games you played when you were a child...

Think of Paperboy in your head and then take a look at one of Anthony's Paperboy creations and you will see what we mean.....it's perfect

So who is this new sensation of the RetroGaming Twitter community?

All we know is what has been written on his Twitter Bio.....

"I work at a fish market, I like to draw and paint, this world overwhelms me."

We want to know more about this guy, so we'll be doing a follow up article later on in in February about him, but in the meantime enjoy some of his amazing Game Art.....

Can You Name The Games?

But Guess What........ that's not all of his work.....


Loads more amazing and unique Video Game Art can be found in the "Super Video Game Land" Etsy Store HERE


YES You Can Own Your Very Own Anthony Bulcao Unique Piece Of Art For Your Gaming Den!!

Anthony Also Undertakes Commissioned Pieces Of Work.....Maybe You Want A Unique Mario Kart Piece Of Video Game Art Work (I Know We Do!)


What Are You Waiting For Get On Over To Super Video Game Land NOW!!


Follow @AnthonyBulcao HERE

We'll Be Back Soon With More Anthony Bulcao Features so watch this space....
Games Freezer Loves Video Game Art - FACT


★Games Freezer Guide To SNES Emulation★ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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Super Nintendo, RetroGaming

Emulation is a touchy subject for us Retrogaming folk….


Some people don't believe in it as there's nothing quite like playing the real thing. 

The feel of the cartridges, the native joypad and the beautiful hardware.

But then there is a point when Retrogaming using the original hardware may not be practical for some due to a lack of space or even a lack of funds.

So this is where the emulator earns its crust.


Which Emulator?

Inspired by BOXED PIXELS We wanted to play SNES games on the go.

So we used Google Play to search out the best of the emulators that could be used on our Android devices.

First Up was ......

 The Super GNES offering looked like the slickest emulator around and it also comes at a price.....£2.49 to be exact

Here's A Lovely List Of Features For Super GNES

★ Auto-detects games and displays cover art

★ Thousands of cheats (Pro Action Replay™, Game Genie™)

★ Dropbox cloud syncing support for continuous play across devices 

★ Visual effect shaders (CRT Simulator, High Quality 2x/3x, and more)

★ Excellent support for external controllers including Moga/Pro, Zeemote and iCade 8-bitty

★ Mouse support for games like Mario Paint

★ Network multiplayer using WiFi or Bluetooth

★ Advanced layout editor for on-screen controls

★ In-game GameFAQs™ integration

★ Turbo mode to fast-forward games

★ Ultra-fast SuperFX, SA1 and DSP chipset support

★ Support for SMC, FIG, SFC, ZIP, and 7z formats

Next Up Was......

SNES 9X EX is a more basic emulator compared to Super GNES but we found that it does just as good a job, so we liked it AND it's FREE...

And Finally.......

SNES Droid is another variation on the SNES9X Emulator and again this little beauty does a great job....

Out of the three emulators above we chose SNES 9X EX because it was the easiest to use and it enabled us to quickly set up our external controller (we'll talk about that in a moment)


So now we had our emulator sorted, it was time to search for some ROMS 
The whole idea behind this exercise was to see if we could set up an emulator to play SNES Games on the go and in particular play some Games that we'd never got round to playing. 

So the ROM search began.................

The first port of call was COOL ROM 

Cool Rom is vast, it seems to have literally every game you have ever heard of. 

We were obviously looking at the SNES list and it was as comprehensive as it could get.

Next up was FREE ROMS. Again another site chock full of all the games you could wish for on the SNES.

Our final website that we perused was ROM Hustler and again we found a mass of games waiting for us and we especially liked the console history part that was sourced from Console Database.

Take your pick from the above as they all do the same things,
but COOL ROM.COM is of the most utilised and popular sites, so we recommend COOL ROM.

Controller Options

As a default you get the on-screen controls with the Android Emulators.

We found these to be tough to cope with and losing the physicality of a controller meant that there was only ever one option for us, we needed to set up an actual controller to be utilised with our emulator.

We had a PS2 Controller (Dual Shock 2) hanging about in the Freezer so we set about trying to work out how we could utilise that in our emulator rig....

First thing we purchased off of eBay was something called an OTG USB Cable for our Nexus 7

This cable enables USB connection to take place onto your device.

Then we dug out an old PSX USB Adapter that enabled us to plug our lovely PS2 Controller into our Nexus 7


So now we had completed our setup.

We have the following:
  1. Nexus 7
  2. Running SNES 9X EX
  3. Utilising COOL ROMS
  4. A PS2 Controller connected via an OTG USB CABLE and a PSX USB Adapter
Our Frankenstein System Is Created!!!

We'll let you know exactly how we get on with emulation over the next few months....

Have you tried emulation? 

What's Your Experiences of it?

Let Us Know....

Games Freezer, Retrogaming




★Games Freezer Twitter Follower Of The Week★ @VideoGame_Art_ #GamersUnite #RetroGaming

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We are looking to crown one of our Twitter Followers The Games Freezer Follower Of The Week.

It will be the Tweep who has entertained us with the best Video Games related Tweets from the week just passed.

So let's get right on and awared the inaugral Games Freezer Follower Of The Week award To......................

VideoGames, Game Art, Games Freezer

The Video Game Artwork Stream Of Artwork constantly makes us stop work and admire the great Gaming Artwork which they showcase on a daily basis.

We'd love to show the best from this week so, put your feet up and feast your eyes on these beauties!

10 Of The Best Video Game Pieces Art From The Week

Video Games, RetroGaming, Games Freezer

Bioshock, VideoGames, GamesFreezer

VideoGames, Games Freezer

Dhalsim, StreetFighter2, GamesFreezer, VideoGames

Shadow Of The Colossus, VideoGames, GamesFreezer

Border Lands, VideoGames

Pokemon, VideoGames

Portal 2, VideoGames, GameArt

VideoGames, Game Art

Mega Man, RetroGaming, VideoGames

Now You Have Witnessed The Wonderful Art That  

VideoGame Art Showcases, You Need To Get On Twitter And Follow Em Up NOW!

Let Us Know What Your Favourite Piece Is?

Until Next Time Friends........

RetroGaming, Games Freezer

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