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Over the last few weeks we've been spending a lot of time over at FUNSTOCK.CO.UK whiling away the hours drooling over what cool RetroGaming video games system to buy.....

Will it be the RetroN5?

RetroN5, Retrogaming, Videogames,Video,Games,GamesFreezer

Which plays just about every cartridge under the sun!

What about the Dingoo A330?

DingoA330, RetroGaming, Videogames, Video, Games, GamesFreezer

The handheld that can emulate just about every console EVER!

Or of course the Mighty Neo-Geo X!! 

Neo Geo X, RetroGaming, VideoGames, Video, Games, GamesFreezer

That's when we thought……..
"If we are plotting how to spend our christmas money then there's gotta be a whole load of Games Freezer Followers doing exactly the same thing!"
"What would our followers want?"
"Maybe they would want a lovely 10% Discount on their purchase at FunStock……..??"
If you do want to take advantage of this brilliant Games Freezer 10% Discount then read on friends! 

So this is how it works:
1. Visit www.funstock.co.uk
2. Browse the amazing video games goodies on offer at FunStock (Trust Us They Have Got The Lot At FunStock!)

3. Choose your video games booty and pop it in your virtual basket

4. Proceed to the checkout

5. When you get the opportunity to use Coupon Code then check the Radio Button (round circle thingy)

6. A Box will appear that says "Enter Your Coupon Here"

7. This is the bit where you get the 10% discount!! Enter FREEZER into the BOX

It's as simple as that.......

So what are you waiting for? Christmas??

Get on over to Funstock NOW and purchase yourself some retrogaming video game bargains with your very own Games Freezer 10% discount!

What Are You Going To BUY?

GamesFreezer, VideoGames, RetroGaming, Video, Games

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