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No Dead, Folk, RetroGaming

After undertaking our usual sift through the coolest games in the world right now we stumbled upon this absolute beauty! "NO DEAD FOLK"

The look of this game is right up our street. Pixel Art Graphics Retrogaming Goodness is what we love best!

The game itself is currently under construction by a Game Dev by the name of "Jacob Yard" 

No Dead Folk, Retrogaming

Read what Jacob has to say about his cool project:

"Just to confirm. I am currently developing a small platform game for my uni portfolio. 

I am currently 18 and getting ready for university, please take into consideration i’m pretty busy. 

No Dead Folk! is a retro zombie survival game inspired by games such as ‘Oregon Trail’ and ‘Wasteland’. 

It is currently in early stages. I will be updating through twitter and this blog. 

You can follow me on twitter at @soJAKEable and search  #nodeadfolk on twitter. 
I would appreciate your support :) 

We may potentially create something great."

Jacob is looking to carry through the retro feel throughout the game with old style look and feel to the No Dead Folk World.

There's not much more detail on the actual game than this but we are loving the look of how it's shaping up from these early pics.

Hopefully Jacob will achieve his goal and get this beauty released at some point.

When that happens, we'll be right on hand to give you the full low down on this cool video game!

Games Freezer, RetroGaming

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