☆Welcome To The Zork Masterclass 2013☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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Video Games, Zork, RetroGaming

"You are in an open field west of a big white house with a boarded
front door.

There is a small mailbox here."
These are the immortal opening lines of the legendary Text Adventure Zork…….
A game that introduced us to the beautiful world of Role Playing Games back when text and imagination were the tools of an RPG fan.

The descriptive language and the leading wording bought about the formation of these amazing thoughts into a player's mind.

You could be taken to far afield places with a simple sentence to describe where you were and what was in front of you
A true masterclass in how to write for computer games….

"> look in mailbox
The mailbox is closed.
> open mailbox
Opening the mailbox reveals:
A leaflet.
> look at leaflet "

Zork is one of those games that players will never stop playing, it only needs a keyboard and a grasp of the English language and you are ready to play.

Simple yet complex it's a gaming marvel!

As you may be able to tell, we absolutely adore the Zork Series.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been playing ONLINE ZORK through this LINK it has been created as a side project by a guy who wanted to create a cool 404 Error page with a difference…..

This has then led to many an hour searching the labrynth for treasure and monsters to slay

We'd just love all of our readers to take a look at Zork again and get involved in the online community that is currently 133423 strong!

The guy who created this online version of Zork has a really interesting story so why don't you read all about it by typing in ABOUT 

Also we'd recommend finding out what the premise of Zork is by typing INFO 

In order to prepare you for the battle ahead we would like to take you through the training that is required for all Zork players in order that they can battle their way through the dungeons & monsters whilst discovering treasures and artefacts.

Your Training begins NOW!

Zork Commands Training:

The 'BRIEF' command suppresses printing of long room descriptions
for rooms which have been visited.
The 'SUPERBRIEF' command suppresses
printing of long room descriptions for all rooms.
The 'VERBOSE' command restores long descriptions.
The  'INFO' command prints information which might give some idea of what the game is about.
The 'ABOUT' command prints information as to why this site is here.
The 'LOGIN ' command allows you to log in, or
or create a new account if you have never logged in before.
The 'ACTIVE' command shows the number of active users playing Zork
The 'SAVE' command saves the state of the game for later continuation.
You must LOGIN before you are allowed to save.
The 'RESTORE' command restores a saved game.
You must LOGIN before you are allowed to restore.
The 'RESET' command restarts the game.

The 'INVENTORY' command lists the objects in your possession.
The 'LOOK' command prints a description of your surroundings.
The 'SCORE' command prints your current score and ranking.
The 'TIME' command tells you how long you have been playing.
The 'DIAGNOSE' command reports on your injuries, if any.

Command abbreviations:
The 'INVENTORY' command may be abbreviated 'I'.
The 'LOOK' command may be abbreviated 'L'.

Some objects can contain other objects.
Many such containers can be opened and closed.
The rest are always open.
They may or may not be transparent.
For you to access (e.g., take) an object which is in a container, the container must be open.
For you to see such an object, the container must be either open or transparent.
Containers have a capacity, and objects have sizes; the number of objects which will fit therefore depends on their sizes.

You may put any object you have access to (it need not be in your hands) into any other object.
At some point, the program will attempt to pick it up if you don't already have it, which process may fail if you're carrying too much.

Although containers can contain other containers, the program doesn't access more than one level down.
Occupants of the dungeon will, as a rule, fight back when attacked.
In some cases, they may attack even if unprovoked.

Useful verbs here are 'ATTACK <villain> WITH <weapon>', 'KILL', etc.
Knife-throwing may or may not be useful. You have a fighting strength which varies with time.
Being in a fight,getting killed, and being injured all lower this strength.
Strength is regained with time. Thus, it is not a good idea to fight someone immediately after being killed.
Other details should become apparent after a few melees or deaths.

Command parser:
A command is one line of text terminated by a carriage return.
For reasons of simplicity, all words are distinguished by their first six letters.
All others are ignored. For example, typing 'DISASSEMBLE THE ENCYCLOPEDIA' is not only meaningless, it also creates excess effort for your fingers.

Note that this truncation may produce ambiguities in the intepretation of longer words.

You are dealing with a fairly stupid parser, which understands the following types of things--

Among the more obvious of these, such as TAKE, PUT, DROP, etc.
Fairly general forms of these may be used, such as PICK UP,PUT DOWN, etc.

NORTH, SOUTH, UP, DOWN, etc. and their various abbreviations.
Other more obscure directions (LAND, CROSS) are appropriate in
only certain situations.

Most objects have names and can be referenced by them.

Some adjectives are understood and required when there are two objects which can be referenced with the same 'name' (e.g.,

It may be necessary in some cases to include prepositions, but the parser attempts to handle cases which aren't ambiguous without. Thus 'GIVE CAR TO DEMON' will work, as will 'GIVE DEMON
. 'GIVE CAR DEMON' probably won't do anything interesting.
When a preposition is used, it should be appropriate; 'GIVE CAR WITH DEMON' won't parse.

The parser understands a reasonable number of syntactic construc-tions.
In particular, multiple commands (separated by commas) can be placed on the same line.

The parser tries to be clever about what to do in the case of actions which require objects that are not explicitly specified.
If there is only one possible object, the parser will assume that it should be used.
Otherwise, the parser will ask.Most questions asked by the parser can be answered.



Zork World Map

You can also explore the world of Zork via the following link: 


☆Game Of The Day "Flick Kick Legends"☆ @PikPokGames #GamersUnite

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Having grown up playing some of the classic Footballer Of The Year games on the ZX Spectrum and the Atari 800 we have always wanted to see a remake of the Footballer Of The Year series on the mobile platforms.


Not so long ago saw New Star Soccer burst onto the scene and take the crown for the most addictive football life sim. 


New Star Soccer is undoubtedly the bar that all other similar games have to reach or exceed.

We have played a lot of Flick kick Football on Andorid and iPhone over the last few years and especially loved the Roy Of The Rovers feel to the presentation, so when Pik Pok released Flick Kick Football Legends, to say we were excited was an understatement!

So what's it all about then? 

Flick Kick Legends sees you go old school 70's style. 

Flick Kick Football Legends has a great 70's soccer feel about the whole game, whether it's the hairstyles, grounds, players, commentators or even the funky soundtrack, it all adds up to a cool 70's soccer atmosphere about the whole game. We love it!

Flick Kick Legends sees you swiping your finger across your screen to Tackle, Pass, Shoot. Once you get used to the gameplay mechanic this whole process becomes second nature and very enjoyable as you gain posession and try and win it back. There is nothing more satisfying than putting in a last ditch tackle to deny the oppo and then pass your way back up the pitch to score the winner. All the while, every successful pass is met by a 70's style guitar chord! BRILLIANT!!

You will come up against designated Rival teams in your division whilst trying to get your team back into the top division and its these key matches that require that little extra out of you in order to get the 3points!

The thing we found with this game that really impressed was the great presentation. It presents a comic book inspired feel within an era that was all about haircuts and blokes. It really brings this through to the player as you take your own named team through the ranks. 

We even loved the opening story that plays as a tutorial, with your resulting shot causing a fire that kills off your coach and sends your team spiralling down to the bottom league! It's at this point whereby you are charged with bringing your team back to past glories. 

Along the way you get to meet various characters who are looking to help or hinder your progress, all of the characters are truly memorable and we don't want to spoil any of it for you, but our favourite character is "Ghost Coach" :)

Add into this winning formula the opportunity to earn new "packets" of player cards (just like FIFA Ultimate Team) you will get to build up cash from winning in order that you can afford new player cards or if you are a bit more impatient you can always depart with real money in order to purchase those elite players that little bit quicker.

Your players will earn XP as they go through a season and level up accordingly, we like this concept as you look to invest time in building up your favourite footballers through your rise to the top.

Some player cards also have various additional skills and abilities that you can utilise to your advantage during a match such as extra curve or extra large goals.

We love this game and it has taken up a lot of our time over the last week as we have put in the time to get promoted from the bottom division (although we are still not very good at it!)

The one improvement that we would like to see would be more expansive set of stats per player. Something like Pass Completion %, Goals, Tackles Completed % etc. We feel that would add even more attachment to your team members as you invest time to improve their match tsats aswell as their skills.

Anyway, I think we've spent far too long talking about this cool game and we need to get back to realising Evolution FC's potential by getting them into the top division!

Download the Android version HERE and the iPhone version HERE

Get Playing And Let Us Know What You Think Of Flick Kick Soccer Legends! 

We think it's as COOL as a 70's Keegan Perm!

Games Freezer


☆"Games Freezer TOP 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die" The FINAL 25☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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RetroGaming Videogames
The Top 100 Games To Play Before You Die - The Final 25

We asked the 'TwitterVerse' what games we need to play before we die......

After compiling countless nominations from all of the

☆Friends Of The Freezer

we have managed to compile the definitive 

☆Games Freezer☆ list of..........

"The TOP 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die"☆

 We'll be releasing the full list of 100 over the course of 4 Articles on www.GamesFreezer.eu



There's some lesser known titles and there's some classics that make up this list

Remember this list was nominated by all the Twitter Followers of @GamesFreezer and we think it's one of the most diverse Top 100's EVER assembled!

So what are we waiting for??

Lets Carry On The Countdown with The Final 25 - #49 to #25

25.Speedball 2

COOL Box Art!

24.Power Drift

This Arcade Cab Always Gets Our Money!

23.Atic Atac

We Are Suckers For A Retrogaming Load Screen..


What Did We Tell You About Loading Screens.....?!

21.Super Sprint 

 20.Gauntlet 1&2

An Awesome Double Whammy Of Video Gaming Goodness


A Proper Arcade Flyer!

18.XENON 2

MegaBlast Madness



16.Super Metroid

Super Metroid Art By modusprodukt

15.Star Wars : Tie Fighter 

Classic LucasArts Box Art

 14.WarioLand (Virtual Boy)

13.Sonic CD

12.Castlevania : Symphony Of The Night

11.Final Fantasy VI

Beautiful Box art

10.The World Ends With You

9.NBA JAM : Tournament Edition

"He's Heating Up!"

8.The Chaos Engine

The Box Art Makes Us Want To Play This NOW

7.The Last Of Us

Already Iconic Imagery From Naughty Dog

6.The Secret Of Monkey Island

Well Well Well


Great Design


3.Paper Mario

 2.To The Moon


A Work Of Art In Every Sense...

So There We Have It.....

The Games Freezer Top 100 As Voted For By The Friends Of The Freezer!

If You Could Vote Now, What Would You Vote For?

Games Freezer, Retrogaming, Video Games


★BLOG POST OF THE DAY★ "Boxed Pixels - A Pale Emulation?"

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Video Games, Retrogaming

We're so excited to let you all know that the latest Boxed Pixels Post is now live from our favourite blogger!

Head on over to Boxed Pixels NOW!

Boxed Pixels: A Pale Emulation?

"I flick the switch and the energy efficient light bulb dully blinks into life......."

Video Games, Retrogaming


☆Game Of The Day - Solar Flux Pocket Edition☆ @SolarFluxGame @FireBrandGames #GamersUnite

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Solar Flux, Firebrand Games
"Solar Flux - Pocket Edition"
Solar Flux  
1. The measure of the total power of electromagnetic radiation (including infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light). The power may be the total emitted from a source, or the total landing on a particular surface.

Sometimes when you have downloaded  a game to your mobile and open it up you can tell immediately that you are going to enjoy it, Solar Flux is one of those games.

From that important first impression of the title screen it sets a tone and an atmosphere that feels perfect for this unique Space Puzzle Game by Firebrand Games.


☆Speccy Jam☆ @SpeccyJam #SpeccyJam #GameDev #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Speccy Jam, ZX Spectrum, Retrogaming
Speccy Jam

Hey, ever feel like you are a little late to the party?

Well that's exactly what we feel like about SPECCY JAM we were going to write this article prior to the start of Speccy Jam and then we got our dates muddled up!!

So we are reporting this cool Game Dev event on DAY 5 of Speccy Jam (sorry)

So what's it all about then? 

Let's hear from the Speccy Jam website as it is explained below

"We're Bringing Speccy Back!"


"Create A ZX Spectrum Style Game in 1 Week" 

"OLD SCHOOL rules using NEW SCHOOL tools"


"NO cassettes to load, create your game for ANY platform!"


"Tweeting your progress? Hashtag your tweets with #SPECCYJAM"

Retrogaming, ZX Spectrum
Some Speccy Heroes

The ZX Spectrum is very dear to our hearts and to hear the spirit of the 'Speccy' is still alive and kicking in the Game Dev community is BASIC CODE MUSIC to our ears!

Speccy Jam is a 1 week game jam, where indie game devs from all over the planet come together to create speccy style games with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum being the basis of all inspiration

The video game can be developed for ANY type of platform just as long as it looks and feels like a Speccy game.

We love the concept and we love the speccy and we want all you Games Freezer followers to know about this great event and it would be even better if you got stuck in and produced a game!

If you want to get involved do the following: 

  • Check the rules HERE 

  • Sign up HERE 

    Then GET CODING!

Need some inspiration for creating a cool Speccy related game? 

We think this article sums it up perfectly....."Limitations That Encouraged Imagination"

Retrogaming, Speccy Jam
"Limitations That Encouraged Imagination"

So what you still doing here? Hot Foot it over to and Speccy Jam get involved!

GAMES FREEZER, Retrogaming


☆Website Of The Day Sega Master System.Com☆ @SegaMarkIII #Retrogaming #GamersUnite #SEGA

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Retrogaming, SEGA, Master System

The SEGA Master System  is loved by all of the Games Freezer team as it brings back fond memories of games like Wonder Boy In Monsterland , Psycho Fox , Alex Kidd In Miracle World , Alex Kidd In Shinobi World and of course The Snail Game??!!

So imagine how excited we were when we found an online love letter of a website totally devoted to this wonderful retrogaming console.

SegaMasterSystem.com is a website that seeks to entertain its visitors with plenty of amusing content. 

Most of the content is in video format but there are also some cool written parts of the website like the Master System & You feature where Master System fans have shared some great stories of their Master System memories. Check them out, there's tons of cool SEGA Master System memories in that there section!

Then you have the videos, to say that these are well made is an understatement, we really enjoyed watching these odes to the Master System but the one we loved the most was the SEGA fan gate crashing the PS4 launch, Pure Genius!

You can tell from the way the site is put together it is an absolute labour of love and we smiled from ear to ear as we lapped up the nostalgia from this site.

That's why it is officially The Games Freezer Website Of The Day!

So do your yourself a favour, Plug Yourself into a SEGA and go to the following SEGA Master Sytsem.Com related places NOW!

The Sega Master System.Com Facebook Page is HERE

Follow SEGA Master System.Com on Twitter HERE

Nip over to the You Tube Channel HERE

Games Freezer


☆Beautiful Glitch Video Game☆ Art @PlayGlitch #GamersUnite

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Beautiful Glitch Artwork

Glitch was once a gorgeously designed online game that oozed character and set itself apart from many of the other online games out there.

Launched in 2010 it didn't drum up enough users to make it viable to continue and therefore shut its doors on its community in 2012.

In a totally unselfish move Tiny Speck have relinquished the ownership of the game assets and have made all assets available to use in the Public Domain.

This means that developers, artists, bloggers and all manner of Joe public will get the chance to browse and use the assets that were lovingly created throughout the game's 2 year + life-cycle 

“This is probably the biggest release of art of this type into the public domain and we hope it will be a valuable resource for indie developers, students, artists and even commercial projects,” 
 Stewart Butterfield, president of Tiny Speck

So in honour of this Super Cool gesture by Tiny Speck we would like to showcase some of the best artwork we located within the online repository, get your Games Freezer eyes on this little lot!

"Alpine Style"
HumBabian Man

Take a look at this bounty of beautiful Game Art and let us know what your favourite piece is....

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