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Game Paused - Every Day Is Play

Our love of Kickstarter projects shines through again today and boy is this a good one!


Unfortunately we didn't see this one in time to back it but we're sure going to buy the book now its funded.


So what's it all about?

The creator Matthew Kenyon is looking to pull together all kinds of artistic Video Games references from various sources from all over the gaming world in order to create a single opus of gaming art greatness.

From paint, to pencil drawings, to Pixels to wire art anything that's video game inspired is in here.

There are some amazing contributors such as Konami, Edge Magazine, Wil Overton and so many more!

It sure sounds beautiful to us here as we are a sucker for great looking video games books (you will already know if you've visited us before that we just adore Artcade)

We recommend you do the following:

1. Visit GamePaused.net

2. Visit  the Kickstarter Page

3. Follow Game Paused

5. BUY IT!

In the meantime why not check out the great video all about the Every Day Is play Concept.....


What do you think of this bad boy book?

Will you be buying it?

Did you already back the project on Kickstarter?



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