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Speccy Jam, ZX Spectrum, Retrogaming
Speccy Jam

Hey, ever feel like you are a little late to the party?

Well that's exactly what we feel like about SPECCY JAM we were going to write this article prior to the start of Speccy Jam and then we got our dates muddled up!!

So we are reporting this cool Game Dev event on DAY 5 of Speccy Jam (sorry)

So what's it all about then? 

Let's hear from the Speccy Jam website as it is explained below

"We're Bringing Speccy Back!"


"Create A ZX Spectrum Style Game in 1 Week" 

"OLD SCHOOL rules using NEW SCHOOL tools"


"NO cassettes to load, create your game for ANY platform!"


"Tweeting your progress? Hashtag your tweets with #SPECCYJAM"

Retrogaming, ZX Spectrum
Some Speccy Heroes

The ZX Spectrum is very dear to our hearts and to hear the spirit of the 'Speccy' is still alive and kicking in the Game Dev community is BASIC CODE MUSIC to our ears!

Speccy Jam is a 1 week game jam, where indie game devs from all over the planet come together to create speccy style games with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum being the basis of all inspiration

The video game can be developed for ANY type of platform just as long as it looks and feels like a Speccy game.

We love the concept and we love the speccy and we want all you Games Freezer followers to know about this great event and it would be even better if you got stuck in and produced a game!

If you want to get involved do the following: 

  • Check the rules HERE 

  • Sign up HERE 

    Then GET CODING!

Need some inspiration for creating a cool Speccy related game? 

We think this article sums it up perfectly....."Limitations That Encouraged Imagination"

Retrogaming, Speccy Jam
"Limitations That Encouraged Imagination"

So what you still doing here? Hot Foot it over to and Speccy Jam get involved!

GAMES FREEZER, Retrogaming

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