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The SEGA Master System  is loved by all of the Games Freezer team as it brings back fond memories of games like Wonder Boy In Monsterland , Psycho Fox , Alex Kidd In Miracle World , Alex Kidd In Shinobi World and of course The Snail Game??!!

So imagine how excited we were when we found an online love letter of a website totally devoted to this wonderful retrogaming console.

SegaMasterSystem.com is a website that seeks to entertain its visitors with plenty of amusing content. 

Most of the content is in video format but there are also some cool written parts of the website like the Master System & You feature where Master System fans have shared some great stories of their Master System memories. Check them out, there's tons of cool SEGA Master System memories in that there section!

Then you have the videos, to say that these are well made is an understatement, we really enjoyed watching these odes to the Master System but the one we loved the most was the SEGA fan gate crashing the PS4 launch, Pure Genius!

You can tell from the way the site is put together it is an absolute labour of love and we smiled from ear to ear as we lapped up the nostalgia from this site.

That's why it is officially The Games Freezer Website Of The Day!

So do your yourself a favour, Plug Yourself into a SEGA and go to the following SEGA Master Sytsem.Com related places NOW!

The Sega Master System.Com Facebook Page is HERE

Follow SEGA Master System.Com on Twitter HERE

Nip over to the You Tube Channel HERE

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