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☆Japsters Retro Cavern☆


We have really uncovered a gem of a website this time......


We have struck RetroGaming GOLD with this one.......


A true Aladdin's cave of great hardware and software from the golden age of gaming.....

Games Freezer introduces to you all......

"Japsters Retro Cavern" 

So what's it all about then? (we hear you cry!)

Well Den (the guy who owns this site and it's amazing contents) is a true RetroGaming Collector / Hoarder who really needs to clear some space from his vast collection.

What this guy doesn't own in the way of RetroGaming hardware and software is basically not worth owning!

We have trawled his site and there's a ton of great stuff on there for sale with lots being added daily.

Check out the Japsters Retro Cavern Blog for updates on the latest listings to make sure you don't miss out on great bargain or a rare gem to complete your own collection.

Also sign up to the newsletter to get the latest news on listings (especially those rare items) 

Also visit Japsters BookFace page to become a bona fide fan!

In the meantime, read what Den has to say about his C☆☆L Website!

"Hi! - I'm Den.  

I'm a collector/hoarder, who's decided to cut down to the essentials and help pay my bills/recoup some of the HUGE amount that I've spent out through all of the years that I've been acquiring my monster collection.  

As a result, there will be many, many different items for sale on here, some common, some not so common, and some that are extremely rare and hard to obtain.

As it's a massive, MASSIVE process for just myself to photograph, describe, and list every item (some 10,000+ items), this is definitely going to take a while! - I'd therefore recommend either joining my mailing list for a weekly or fortnightly update, with important updates sent out in between these times if need be (i.e. genuinely rare items added, etc!), or simply checking back whenever you have a chance, and checking my blog - if I've added anything relevant to your particular area(s) of interest, you'll hopefully see it before someone else does!

If it helps to know, I'm located in the West Midlands, and I'm MORE than happy for buyers to collect, from small purchases, through to bulkier ones (i.e. - like my Commodore Pet items!), and of course, I have a kettle!...  ;)

For background reference, I've been selling off bits of my collection on EBAY for over 7 years now, and my ID is japster2004, so if you want to reassure yourself that I'm an honest, reliable and reputable guy, please feel free to check my 100% positive feedback from nearly 1,100 very satisfied buyers!

Last, but perhaps the most important point! - I'm by no means an authority on the definite value of some of my rarer items, so PLEASE feel free to point out any glaring differences PRIVATELY to me, in the interests of courtesy, and if my close circle of collector friends agree, I'll be more that happy to amend my guide prices accordingly...   :) "


So What Are You C ☆☆L FREEZER Followers waiting for ?

Head on over to Japster's Retro Cavern Now for some great RetroGaming bargains!

Let us know what you manage to find and what you buy!

☆Pettini From The Freezer☆

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