☆"Games Freezer TOP 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die" The FINAL 25☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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The Top 100 Games To Play Before You Die - The Final 25

We asked the 'TwitterVerse' what games we need to play before we die......

After compiling countless nominations from all of the

☆Friends Of The Freezer

we have managed to compile the definitive 

☆Games Freezer☆ list of..........

"The TOP 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die"☆

 We'll be releasing the full list of 100 over the course of 4 Articles on www.GamesFreezer.eu



There's some lesser known titles and there's some classics that make up this list

Remember this list was nominated by all the Twitter Followers of @GamesFreezer and we think it's one of the most diverse Top 100's EVER assembled!

So what are we waiting for??

Lets Carry On The Countdown with The Final 25 - #49 to #25

25.Speedball 2

COOL Box Art!

24.Power Drift

This Arcade Cab Always Gets Our Money!

23.Atic Atac

We Are Suckers For A Retrogaming Load Screen..


What Did We Tell You About Loading Screens.....?!

21.Super Sprint 

 20.Gauntlet 1&2

An Awesome Double Whammy Of Video Gaming Goodness


A Proper Arcade Flyer!

18.XENON 2

MegaBlast Madness



16.Super Metroid

Super Metroid Art By modusprodukt

15.Star Wars : Tie Fighter 

Classic LucasArts Box Art

 14.WarioLand (Virtual Boy)

13.Sonic CD

12.Castlevania : Symphony Of The Night

11.Final Fantasy VI

Beautiful Box art

10.The World Ends With You

9.NBA JAM : Tournament Edition

"He's Heating Up!"

8.The Chaos Engine

The Box Art Makes Us Want To Play This NOW

7.The Last Of Us

Already Iconic Imagery From Naughty Dog

6.The Secret Of Monkey Island

Well Well Well


Great Design


3.Paper Mario

 2.To The Moon


A Work Of Art In Every Sense...

So There We Have It.....

The Games Freezer Top 100 As Voted For By The Friends Of The Freezer!

If You Could Vote Now, What Would You Vote For?

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