★Game Of The Day Preview "Air Supply Infinite"★ @Quantum_Sheep #retrogaming #gamersunite

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Quantum Sheep, Air Supply

Those COOL chaps at Quantum Sheep have been busy building the latest "Air Supply" game and this time The Games Freezer has come along for the ride!

The Freezer In All His Glory - "Chilling"

Check out the smart "work in progress" screenshot above showing The Freezer in all his glory!

So what's it all about then?


Let's hear from the Quantum Sheep Gang To Find Out From Them:

"Sam is back, this time running round whole planets, trying to get to ‘The Void’ where he can pick up an Infinity Cup!

Gameplay is simple. 

The basics are:

  • Jump over aliens.
  • Tap anywhere to jump.
  • Double tap to activate a Smart Bomb (I think, therefore I am).
  • Don’t forget your AIR IS RUNNING OUT!

There are unlocks a-go-go, and an awesome soundtrack by that genius Yerzmyey, who writes his music on retro computers....
(the tracks were written on a ZX Spectrum/ZX81 with an AY chip).

The hope is that this one will be a universal build, with GameCenter leaderboards and achievements"

A ‘Music Teaser’ video has also been posted that should whet your "aural appetites" :

Keep Checking Back For More Updates From The Quantum Sheepers.....

Until Then Stay Classy You COOL Freezers!

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