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Solar Flux, Firebrand Games
"Solar Flux - Pocket Edition"
Solar Flux  
1. The measure of the total power of electromagnetic radiation (including infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light). The power may be the total emitted from a source, or the total landing on a particular surface.

Sometimes when you have downloaded  a game to your mobile and open it up you can tell immediately that you are going to enjoy it, Solar Flux is one of those games.

From that important first impression of the title screen it sets a tone and an atmosphere that feels perfect for this unique Space Puzzle Game by Firebrand Games.This unique game sees you travelling across the Universe to save dying suns from extinction, that premise in itself sounds unique and then when you add this empty deep space atmosphere to the game you get transported via your chosen device into all manner of varying galaxies

The galaxies begin to show you interesting and varied game-play mechanics to get your brain ticking and tocking as you try to work out how best to save each dying sun by firing collected Plasma into each one

Top Star scores are awarded by using as little fuel as possible to collect plasma and by taking advantage of the the gravitational pull of space objects such as planets, moons and asteroids all the while you will be trying to preserve your heat shields by not getting to close to the sun that you'll get frazzled (or in The Freezer's Case, MELT!!)
The presentation on this game is marvellous and really draws you in. 
Learning the mechanics is a joy.
Firing Plasma into the dying suns is extremely satisfying as you save it from extinction.
The whole game feels alive and if you plug your earphones into your device of choice you are immediately transported into deep deep space with the games minimalistic but atmospheric soundtrack that really hits the spot.

We downloaded it onto a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE via Google Play and it truly is a pleasure to play.
This game is free so you do get ads pop up but we didn't feel like they were intrusive.
Something that we especially liked was that if you don't have enough stars to go to the next galaxy you can opt to watch a video game related ad to progress forward in the game.

We like this approach to advertising because:

a) We were actually interested in the games that were presented in the videos
b) The video appeared immediately on the screen every time so we assume that there is no streaming of the videos and that they are pre-loaded with the install.

c) If you don't want to watch the videos this drives you to perfect each level

d) There is the option to remove the ads by buying the game at a brilliant price of 62p!

After playing this for the last few days, the thing we'd like to see introduced into the game-play is the ability to pan in and out to assess the full playing screen for each level, which would really enable you to plan your tactics for clearing the screen of the available Plasma. 

Apart from this small improvement, we feel that this game is perfect!

If we had a rating system we'd give it ☆5 Ice Cubes Out Of 5!☆

But we don't have a rating system so we'll carry on summing it all up........ 

So in summary Solar Flux gives you:

  • Four galaxies,

  • 80 solar systems,

  • Google Plus & Facebook Supported leaderboards

  • Hours of Head Scratching Fun

  • All for Free (or 62p if ads get on your nerves)

  • Option to buy the HD Tablet Version for £1.24

☆The Freezer☆ says, 

"Download SOLAR FLUX now on Steam, the App Store or Google Play TODAY!"


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☆The Freezer Loves A Bit Of Solar Flux Action!☆


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