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Having grown up playing some of the classic Footballer Of The Year games on the ZX Spectrum and the Atari 800 we have always wanted to see a remake of the Footballer Of The Year series on the mobile platforms.


Not so long ago saw New Star Soccer burst onto the scene and take the crown for the most addictive football life sim. 


New Star Soccer is undoubtedly the bar that all other similar games have to reach or exceed.

We have played a lot of Flick kick Football on Andorid and iPhone over the last few years and especially loved the Roy Of The Rovers feel to the presentation, so when Pik Pok released Flick Kick Football Legends, to say we were excited was an understatement!

So what's it all about then? 

Flick Kick Legends sees you go old school 70's style. 

Flick Kick Football Legends has a great 70's soccer feel about the whole game, whether it's the hairstyles, grounds, players, commentators or even the funky soundtrack, it all adds up to a cool 70's soccer atmosphere about the whole game. We love it!

Flick Kick Legends sees you swiping your finger across your screen to Tackle, Pass, Shoot. Once you get used to the gameplay mechanic this whole process becomes second nature and very enjoyable as you gain posession and try and win it back. There is nothing more satisfying than putting in a last ditch tackle to deny the oppo and then pass your way back up the pitch to score the winner. All the while, every successful pass is met by a 70's style guitar chord! BRILLIANT!!

You will come up against designated Rival teams in your division whilst trying to get your team back into the top division and its these key matches that require that little extra out of you in order to get the 3points!

The thing we found with this game that really impressed was the great presentation. It presents a comic book inspired feel within an era that was all about haircuts and blokes. It really brings this through to the player as you take your own named team through the ranks. 

We even loved the opening story that plays as a tutorial, with your resulting shot causing a fire that kills off your coach and sends your team spiralling down to the bottom league! It's at this point whereby you are charged with bringing your team back to past glories. 

Along the way you get to meet various characters who are looking to help or hinder your progress, all of the characters are truly memorable and we don't want to spoil any of it for you, but our favourite character is "Ghost Coach" :)

Add into this winning formula the opportunity to earn new "packets" of player cards (just like FIFA Ultimate Team) you will get to build up cash from winning in order that you can afford new player cards or if you are a bit more impatient you can always depart with real money in order to purchase those elite players that little bit quicker.

Your players will earn XP as they go through a season and level up accordingly, we like this concept as you look to invest time in building up your favourite footballers through your rise to the top.

Some player cards also have various additional skills and abilities that you can utilise to your advantage during a match such as extra curve or extra large goals.

We love this game and it has taken up a lot of our time over the last week as we have put in the time to get promoted from the bottom division (although we are still not very good at it!)

The one improvement that we would like to see would be more expansive set of stats per player. Something like Pass Completion %, Goals, Tackles Completed % etc. We feel that would add even more attachment to your team members as you invest time to improve their match tsats aswell as their skills.

Anyway, I think we've spent far too long talking about this cool game and we need to get back to realising Evolution FC's potential by getting them into the top division!

Download the Android version HERE and the iPhone version HERE

Get Playing And Let Us Know What You Think Of Flick Kick Soccer Legends! 

We think it's as COOL as a 70's Keegan Perm!

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