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As Gamers most us love collecting. Whether it's collecting video games, consoles or magazines, we love a collection of some sort.

Most of us also love completing games to that elusive 100% mark.

So when faced with a whole bunch of collectibles in a video game, no wonder we just can't help but collect em all!

We sat down to cast our minds back over the years to think of our 5 Favourite Collectibles from all the games we've played and here those beauties are!

5. Half Life 2 - Lambda Caches

Half Life 2

In Half Life 2 it felt like every bullet counted, so when you stumbled across that graffiti Lambda scrawl on a wall somewhere you felt the relief that something good was just around the corner. Locating all the caches was a tough ask.

How Many To Collect: 45

What Happens If I Collect 'Em All? 
You unlock the Lambda Locator Achievement

4. Metal Gear Solid IV - iPod Tracks

Metal Gear Solid IV

What's cooler than being an undercover bad ass while listening to your iPod? Nothing that's what! Snake is so cool he gets to go round without making a noise whilst listening to his tuuuunes!

How Many To Collect: 34

What Happens If I Collect 'Em All? 
You unlock the Trophy "Sounds Of The Battlefield"

3. Red Dead Redemption - "Treasure Maps"

Red Dead Redemption

The Treasure Maps Red Dead hint at the location of undiscovered treasure! You have to explore the game to find certain landmarks that match the treasure map, and search the area for the buried Treasure Chest!

It's a simple idea but loads of fun as a side quest distraction, many an hour has been lost searching for buried treasure my friends!

How Many To Collect: 9

What Happens If I Collect 'Em All? 
You Get Loads Of treasure and the "Treasure Hunters Satchel"

2. Bioshock - Audio Files


The Audio Files that you are able to collect in Bioshock act as the main narrative device of the BioShock series. 

They are audio diaries and monologues that were recorded by certain citizens of Rapture. 

This clever way of allowing you to discover the plot really adds to the atmosphere of the game and adds layers to the city of Rapture by giving you a sneek peek of what the citizens were thinking and feeling at the time the madness took over the city!

A really simple idea that is brilliantly implemented to full effect.

How Many To Collect: 122

What Happens If I Collect 'Em All?  
Historian Trophy/Achievement

1. Fallout 3 - "Bobbleheads"

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is massive and there are thousands of things to collect and hoard, but most of them are useless and pretty drab.

When you search the wasteland for hours only to find tin cans and bits of metal, the sight of a little Bobble Headed Vault Boy just cheekily staring at you fills a Wasteland wanderer with joy! 

This little guy brings happiness to a player as not only do you get to store each one on your bobblehead display stand in your home, but you also get the associated SPECIAL stat increase of 1 point or the Skill increase of 10 points applied to your character.

All round these are coolest most unique collectibles we've come across in all of our video games playing times. Check out their little faces......you gotta catch em all! 

How Many To Collect: 20

What Happens If I Collect 'Em All? 
The first achievement or trophy is named "Yes, I Play with Dolls" and is awarded for collecting 10 of them, players then earn the second achievement/trophy called "Vault-Tec C.E.O." for finding all 20 of them.

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