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RetroGaming, MICH, GamesFreezer
Rob in Mich’s bedroom getting attacked by a paranormal lamp!

So our love affair with beautiful pixel art style games continues......

This time we've discovered a cool looking retrogaming inspired pixel art style video game called "MICH"

MICH is:

"A story based adventure set in London. About a regular dude in a regular town with an extraordinary girlfriend. 

Who's saving who?"

We don't know much more about the game yet other than 

"The game will contain paranormal themes"

We want to get inside ,Rob Candy ,the game creators mind in order to find out what has inspired him to create such a cool looking game and what the heck it's going to be all about!

Watch this space for that as hopefully we can track him down.....

Anyways here's some lovely screenshots from the game in progress......

MICH, GamesFreezer, retroGaming, pixelart

The above pic is the "Key Step Mechanic" and it is explained by the creator below:

"This is a screenshot showing in very basic terms, the Keystep mechanic. 

When you step on one of these Keysteps, the light changes colour. 

These must be stepped on in a certain order, (or a rolling boulder will crush your frail bones …just kidding) then they light up a different color to show you matched the pattern and something activates. In this case, a lift.

They will get trickier down the line and being a quick little jumper could save your life!"

Here's some other cool screenshots from the work in progress game:





You can keep up to date on MICH's Progress through 

Games Freezer 


The Following methods:

Follow @Mich_Game

 Follow @Rob_Kian

Aswell as 

Wow, that's a lot of ways to keep track of MICH !

So make sure you do and we'll do our best to get in contact with MICH's creator to get the FULL LOWDOWN as soon as we can!

Until Next Time Friends .... KEEP COOL

GamesFreezer, RetroGaming
"Rich Reporting From The Games Freezer"

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