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Recently We brought you the Wonderful World Of "Super Video Game Land" 

and we really wanted to get to know the wonderful talent behind 

the beautiful Video Game Art.........

So now we introduce to you , our friend Anthony Bulcao in his own words.....

Games Freezer: Have You Read Our Article About Your COOL Work?

Anthony Bulcao:  
"Thanks so much for your interest...I really appreciate the stuff you wrote about my art.  
It seems you understand exactly what I am going for with SuperVideoGameLand"
Games Freezer: So What Is Your Story? What Has Inspired You?

Anthony Bulcao:

"I won't bore you with my very long, very serious and dramatic, very very very important life story.....ha ha, I will just give you a little idea of why I do what I do.  
If you want the whole story of how i ended up here... we should sit down one day, with a coffee, and a joint....

I was born in '81....Early memories of games are scattered in my mind.  
I suppose I must have been 6 or 7 when I started to play....which puts me right in line with early Nintendo. 
But I do have other memories from earlier times.. Atari / Colecovision / Apple2
These images...have stayed with me, and It has been so satisfying for me to recreate these memories on canvas.  
I remember Karateka ....Congo Bongo....Big Bird's Egg Catch ....and of course all the MECC stuff in the computer lab in elementary!
These are the earliest images I remember...i think.

Then came Final Fantasy on the NES...That was the big one for me. 
Zelda, Zelda 2, Mario, Metroid, Castlevania, Ghosts and Goblins....etc....I could go on forever.

And then FF2 and FF3 and the SUPER NINTENDO!

Then I went Playstation / XBOX / PS2 / X360 / 3DS / Wii / PS3 / PS4 ....

Now I rarely play games on a regular basis.... I try to play through the important ones....
Last year I got through Guacamelee, The Last of Us, and Bioshock Infinite, those were amazing.
I spend most of my time working and painting.

It can be difficult as an artist to focus your talent/ability/attention.  
It seems that my whole life I have been drawing and painting and writing and singing and doing all these things but actually not producing anything worth a shit.  And mostly just working my ass off at some bullshit job complaining about everything that is wrong with everything.
For me, SuperVideoGameLand was essential to focus my creativity.  
It was a way for me to produce the quality of art I am capable of, and to remember these games as the works of art that they already are.  
I love recreating these scenes, and I love how they look on my wall.  
Every time I walk by or glance upon one, I immediately start humming the game music.  
It has brought a certain level of happiness into my life, and I am beginning to notice others finding the same joy when they see them.  
We all have these memories, and we are adults now, so why not decorate our homes with them?

I am very happy with the progress I made in 2013, and I plan on producing a lot more paintings in 2014.
Thanks again for your interest, I am so happy that you like my artwork."
Games Freezer: Thanks Anthony, your influences sound similar to ours. When You Create Your Next Piece Of Game Art We'd Really Like To See An Anthony Bulcao Take On Mario Kart, What Do You Think??!!

Anthony Bulcao:

"I'll get that Mario Kart painting up soon enough!"

So there you have it, the main man behind those marvellous creations over at Super Video Game Land is a really nice fella and an official Friend Of The Freezer

We'll be covering more and more of the wonderful Game Art in the coming months, so lets hope for a great 2014 for our main man!

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"Richard Reporting From The Freezer"
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