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Hey Friends Of The Freezer!

Yesterday we left you alone to figure out those 20 beautiful title screens in

"The Games Freezer Top 20 RetroGaming Title Screens Of The Week"

Hopefully you have jotted down your guesses somewhere, because here's the answers!

  1. Mukashi Banashi - Nintendo Famicom
  2. Super Metroid - Nintendo Super Famicom
  3. Dogfight Spirit - Nintendo Famicom
  4. F-Zero - Nintendo Super Famicom
  5. The Lost Vikings - Nintendo Super Famicom
  6. Apple Town Story : Little Computer People - Nintendo Famicom
  7. Battle Out Run - SEGA Master System
  8. Super Air Zonk - PC ENGINE CD
  9. Aleste - SEGA Megadrive
  10. Super Godzilla - Nintendo Super Famicom
  11. Cocona World - Nintendo Famicom
  12. Super Scope 6 - SuperNintendo
  13. Super BomberMan 2 - Nintendo Super Famicom
  14. Monster World IV - SEGA Megadrive
  15. Streets Of Rage / Bare Knuckle - SEGA Megadrive / SEGA Genesis
  16. Quartet - SEGA Master System
  17. Shinobi - Arcade
  18. Doki Doki Panic - Nintendo Famicom
  19. Gate Of Thunder - PC ENGINE CD
  20. Pretty Fighters - Nintendo Super Famicom

How Many Did You Get Right?

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RetroGaming, Games Freezer

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