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Half Life 2, GamesFreezer, RetroGaming, InfoGraphic

We've wanted to dabble in the world of infographics for a long long time now

We've seen a few beautiful examples of video games related infographics and really wanted to have a go ourselves.

One of the things that we were stuck on, was.....


"What Would Be A Good Subject To Make An Infographic On?"

Well today we got our inspiration from a pic we saw of Call Of Duty Ghosts and its review scores.......

That got us thing about RetroGaming classics.....

Then it struck us HALF LIFE 2!

HL2 is easily one of our favourite games of all time and most of our days are spent dreaming of Half Life 3....

So we went to our trusty friend, Metacritic , to dig out the raft of amazing review scores for Half Life 2 and plot them into our infographic....

It's our first attempt so be gentle with your comments.

We've tried to keep to the Games Freezer styling and keep it simple for our first attempt.

We Used Pik To Chart to create our very first masterpiece and we have now got the bug to create more!

Take A Look at Our Handy Work Below And Let Us Know What You Think ...

Let Us know What You Think Of Our First Attempt....

What subjects would you like us to cover in the future?

What Infographic software do you use?

RetroGaming, GamesFreezer

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