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The Chimps At Play Team Are A Real COOL Bunch Of Dudes And We Wanted To Let You Know What They Are All About..........

So Read On Friends....READ ON!

The Chimps At Play Team Had This To Say About All That Is "CHIMPS AT PLAY"

"I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.....
My name is Paul “The Giant” Morris and my associate and co founder of Chimps At Play goes by the name of Karl “Fazza” Farrell

Together, we created Chimps At Play – an entertainment reviewing company specialising in video games, music, movies and comedy. 

Imagine, if you will, journalism but with humour.
Essentially, Chimps At Play is an online magazine (or e-zine) aimed at, but not exclusive to, the 18-25 year old demographic. 


We use social media to interact with our followers and subscribers, and we are currently developing a website which will bring all of our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube content together in one place, as well as offering an online outlet for our Chimps At Play merchandise.

We ask for feedback from fans in most things we do, and the website will be no exception. 

We want this to be just as much the fans website as it is ours.
Aside from myself and Fazza, we have four “content creators” who upload a mixture of news stories and articles they have created themselves. 

These are staggered throughout the day so that there is a constant feed for our fans.
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The news stories and updates that we post, pertaining to the gaming industry, are almost always exclusives. 
We are also always looking to support indie developers.
Chimps At Play was created in April 2013 and in the short time since, we have significantly increased our viewership. 

This can be evidenced by the amount of interaction and likes on our Facebook page, Our Twitter followers and our YouTube subscribers."

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"Fazza and The Giant"

Well I Don't Know About You Guys, But We Can't wait To See What The Chimps At Play Team Have In store For Us When Their Brand Spanking New Website Goes LIVE!


We'll Keep You All Updated 

In The Meantime Make Sure You Visit 

"Chimps At Play" on 







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