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Here at Games Freezer we don't normally get involved with the latest casual time-killer fad type game, but we couldn't help but pay attention to the ultra trending, ultra newsworthy (for some reason) "best worst" game that we have ever encountered that goes by the name of "Flappy Bird"

Think of Badlands gameplay crossed with Mario Bros styling and you are not far off what it looks / plays like.
We downloaded the game in the name of scientific research and we were confronted with a game that doesn't work in the traditional game-play sense of the way we envisage our games to work.
This game is a prime example ,in our opinion, of something that has been downloaded and played because of social media rather than favourable reviews.

We could say it's fun to play but it isn't really, it's a pain in the Ice Box!
What amuses us with this game though is the way it has entered the global psyche and that such a poor game could get people so involved that they cause an online outcry when it was recently announced by its gamedev, Dong Nguyen, the game is being "pulled" from the App Store and Google Play!

The saving grace of the game is its retro style, which made us look at the game in the first place and with that in mind that's really why we thought it was worth a comment.

Obviously there was also the reputed figure that it was making per day from ad revenue of $50,000 dollars that made us think WHY? HOW?

But hey fair play to this guy he's put an app out there that's caught people's imagination and piqued their interest to a point whereby it is seen as COOL to play this frustratingly difficult and annoying game!

It seems to us though that this Game Dev is a clever cookie as the story of the game being pulled has probably earned him more publicity than he could of ever imagined and now you can bet that his next game (no matter how poor it may turn out to be) will be an instant success.

Not sure how that makes other Game Dev's feel who pour their heart and soul into games only to see them do moderately well and yet a casual game such as this can turn into a money making machine.

But hey, we guess it depends how you measure success? $ or Reviews.....

To us it feels like a "Gangnam Style" one hit wonder of the Video Games world.....

A sort of social phenomenon for all the wrong reasons, but hey what do we know?

The Flappy Bird Timeline

  • Released In MAY 2013 >>>

  • Went "viral" JANUARY 2014 >>>
  • Pulled From App Store & Google Play FEBRUARY 2014 >>>

You Can Also Check Out Dong Nguyen's Other Games At GEARS STUDIOS


Let us know what you think of "Flappy Bird" And All The Madness That Surrounds This Story!!

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