★Who Will Put The Last Generation Of Consoles Out To Pasture?★ #GamersUnite

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There was a time when a generation of consoles could be put out to pasture gracefully with a fond farewell as the new generation of consoles were ushered in.


As the baton was handed over to the next generation of consoles the gamers would consign their beloved video games consoles to the past and move onto the next gen.


The generation of consoles that have just passed the baton onto the Wii U, PS4's and XBONE's of this world are still very much ingrained into this generation of gamers due to the fact that the length of time that has passed since the Wii, X360 and PS3 were introduced.

This transition is also made harder as players of the last generation were the first to truly embrace online play.
With this online play each game was given longevity that could potentially outlast a games usual life span.
So as we enter into this new world of consoles, when should the X360, PS4 and Wii stop supporting it's players?
When do Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft say enough is enough and turn the lights out on the online Servers?
This will be the first generation of console "deaths" that are really impacted by a switching off of those servers and Nintendo have been the first to reveal their plans....

They have announced that Wii and DS online servers will close as of 20th May 2014....

This closure will remove online multiplayer functionality from a whole host of Wii & DS games.....

The services being closed down for Wii & DS will include online play,matchmaking and leaderboards....

Does this spell the beginning of the end for the other online servers from the other big players?


Tell Us What You Think About This Move From Nintendo


When Do You Think SONY and MICROSOFT will announce their Plans For Shut Downs?


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