☆Pang Man Part 6 – "My visit to the Square Enix store in Tokyo"☆ @SquareEnix #GamersUnite

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Pang Man is one of the coolest dudes we know and he's knocked our socks off again this week by telling us all about his trip to Tokyo and in particular his journey to the Video Games Mecca that is the Square Enix store.

As usual we are very jealous of The Pang Man's exploits.

Luckily for you Pang Man has taken some pictures just for the Freezer Fraternity!

Let's see what the Man has to say in PART 6......

"One of the coolest places for a gamer to visit in Japan, was the Square Enix store. 
Located in Tokyo, it was the perfect place to pick up some gaming collectables.
Square Enix is a software company formerly made up of the 2 gaming RPG giants Squaresoft and Enix.
Squaresoft was well known for creating the Final Fantasy series of games, as well as the beloved SNES RPGs, Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. 

Whilst Enix brought us Actraiser, as well as the long running Dragon Quest

The store itself was located in Shinjuku and was located within a short walking distance of the station.
(Update: the Shinjuku store has recently relocated to and has now developed into cafรฉ/bar/store hybrid)
Games Freezer

Dragons Quest merchandise was prominently featured, with King Slime front and centre of many of the displays. 
 Games Freezer
His smiley face was everywhere! In fact I think it was the most smiles I have seen in one place!
 Games freezer
Games FreezerGames Freezer
Not to be outdone, Chocobo and Cactuar merchandise from the Final Fantasy series were also given significant store space. 
There were at least 5 different varieties of Chocobo plushes(!)

Games Freezer
Games Freezer
Games Freezer

Games Freezer

Besides Final Fantasy and Dragons Quest, there were also quite a few figurines from Kingdom Hearts
(I even saw Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Not sure if he is from the game though?)
 Games FreezerGames Freezer

Huge posters of Lightning , Vanile and Serah from Final Fantasy XIII, Cloud, Aerith and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII  and Yuna from Final Fantasy X adorned the walls.
 Games Freezer

Games Freezer

The highlight of the store was an amazing lifesize Sephiroth statue embedded within a transparent tomb.
 Games Freezer
On the top floor of the store, the more, high end figurines, costing thousands of Yen (which sadly I could not afford!) were showcased.
 Games Freezer
Games Freezer

Games Freezer

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
 Square Enix Store Tokyo, Games Freezer
Cloud Strife and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix Store Tokyo, Games Freezer

A lifesize Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII costume!
 Games Freezer, Square Enix Store Tokyo
Back on the ground floor my eye was drawn to the display of mini trading figurines from the Final Fantasy series. 
I was keen to buy them but the shop assistant informed me that each box contained a random figure so I would not be able to find out which character I would be getting, until I had purchased them. 
 Square Enix Store Tokyo, Games Freezer

In the end though I could not resist and I went ahead and bought two of them at random anyway. 
Imagine my delight when I discovered I got the Ninja Yuffie as well as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII!
I also got a Chocobo just ......because......
 Square Enix, Games Freezer

Games Freezer, Final Fantasy, Mario Bros,

Overall I was extremely chuffed with my purchases and I would highly recommend a visit for anyone planning a trip to Japan.
Thanks for listening."
Pang Man


BIG Thanks To The Pang Man For Filling Us In With The Cool Details On The Square Enix Tokyo Store Experience......


We LOVE The Final Fantasy Series Mini Trading Figurines!


What Would You Buy If You Were Let Loose In The Square Enix Store?

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