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When we talk football / soccer video games, there is only one undisputed video game series that started it all off and that has to be the Kick Off Series

Any mention of Kick Off throws us way back into our childhoods as we wrestled with Kick Off 2 trying to get to grips with dribbling the ball and timing our shots at goal just right.

Kick Off 2

The Kick Off Series was one of those gems that was easy to play but hard to master.

But when you got close to mastering it, it rewarded you with slick passing moves and some amazing goals.

If you scored in Kick Off you felt like you'd really earned it. If you dribbled round / past an opponent you felt like Pele!

Kick Off was simple yet complex and was to the go to game whenever 2 player gaming was on offer
We played Kick Off back in the days of the Amiga A500 and the disk was rarely out of the disk drive (Only ever really replaced by Championship Manager)

To this day there is a thriving Kick Off Community which still host Kick Off World Cups around Europe!

Take a look at the amazing community at KO Gathering to see what fun these guys still have with Dino Dini's amazingly simple yet totally absorbing football game!

So when we heard that The Godfather Of Football Games Dino Dini has been supposedly eager to guage peoples interests in him developing an HD Remake of Kick Off (Player Manager / GOAL!)

To say we were excited was an understatement and to get us really excited there is an online petition to get signing too!

So we'd like to make a heartfelt plea to ALL of The Friends Of The Freezer to sign this petition as it would be a dream come true for us all here in The Freezer to see a HD remake of Kick Off!


What would you like to see in a Kick Off / Player Manager / GOAL! Remake?


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