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We love to showcase the most beautiful and varied Video Game Art that the Retrogaming and Video Games community has to offer.

We believe that Sara Maese typifies that in all the work that this talented artist undertakes.

About Sara:

"Hello! I'm Sara Maese.

I'm a young Spanish girl who was born and raised in a north African city named Ceuta, but actually I'm based in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and my two cats.

I'm graduated in Fine Arts by the University of Mรกlaga and I also have a master's degree in Graphic Design and Prepress by the school Gauss Multimedia.

I participated in a few exhibitions with my partners during my university period, also took part of different illustration and design projects for individual costumers and I also did an internship at the studio LouLou & Tummie during three months.

I'm open to a career opportunity, freelance works and also interested in collaborating with other creatives, so don't hesitate to get in contact with me whenever you want through my email url placed in the bottom of this section."

behance | domestika | pinterest | twitter

The two Sara Maese projects that really caught our video gaming eye were:


These two projects really capture the essence of Sara's work and also portray a love for these two stalwarts of the Video Gaming world

First Up Take A Look At Mario & Friends With An Introduction From Sara Below:

"This personal project, made by the principal characters of the gaming series

Super Mario, was posed as a personal challenge.

I wanted to create a series of posters using only the main and characteristic colours

of each character - I added the white by myself - and simple geometric elements. 

I didn’t want to use the pen or the pencil to draw something in  the posters,

I wanted to try myself and my ability to create something in a simple way. 

That’s why some of the elements that appear in the posters are repeated in

others, I wanted to use them to build new scenes. 

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy taking a look at my project!"

Next Up Is "POKEMON STARTERS" With An Intro From Sara Below:

"For the release of the new Pokรฉmon X/Y game I decided
to create a tribute for all of the starters Pokรฉmon in the
game series.

Which one is your favorite?"


We Absolutely Adore Sara's Amazing Work!

What's Your Favourite Piece?


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