★The The Rise & Fall Of The Video Game Cartridge - 1976 - 1996★ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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The humble video game cartridge was the king of video games media right up until The Sony Playstation came along and mastered the art of producing amazing games on the CD medium.


The thing that remains though is our fondness for the hunks of plastic that were an essential part of our gaming lives knows no bounds! 

We can often be seen at a car boot sale pawing over bulky plastic cartridges containing great games such as Shinobi on the SEGA Master System or Golden Axe on the SEGA Megadrive or even the odd NES game such as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.

The distinct sizes and shapes of the various cartridges gave each generation of consoles its own character.
Just by showing a retrogamer the silouhette of a cartridge, you will get them to identify the console that the cartridge belongs to.

We thought we'd treat all our RetroGaming Friends Of The Freezer to a pictorial run down of the main cartridges that spanned across 5 generations of video games consoles so as you can see why we love these plasticky bricks like our own friends!

Read On And Geek Out With Us From The Comfort Of The Chiller……

1st Generation

Channel F - 1976
ATARI 2600 - 1977

2nd Generation

ATARI 5200 - 1982
Coleco Vision - 1982

3rd Generation

SEGA Master System - 1986

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - 1983

4th Generation 

NEO GEO - 1990


5th Generation

Nintendo 64 - 1996
ATARI Jaguar - 1993
 And with the passing of the Nintendo 64 saw the passing of the almighty cartridge as a form of current video game media......

The cartridge is now confined to the gaming dens Retrogaming enthusiasts.....

Have we missed any cartridges that you can think of?

Let us know what your favourite cartridge format is....

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Richard - Reporting From The Cartridge Bin....



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