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The Secret Cove, Cheeky Sprite, Point And Click

Today's Game Of The Day is The Secret Cove By Cheeky Sprite Studios
We were drawn to this lovely looking point n click by the smart in browser game used to promote the upcoming game in 2014
The Guys from Cheeky Sprite have said the following:
"In 2014 we will be releasing a point & click adventure game ‘The Secret Cove’
The game will be based on the stunning scenery and locations from across the (UK) Cornish county.
There are so many well known locations to choose from and also some real hidden gems.  
Lots of research is going into the locations we select and incorporate to really fit with the storyline."
We like the idea of basing an adventure game on the wonderful coastal landscapes of the Cornish County as we think there aren't enough games that portray the UK within their gameplay.
For those who have never experienced the wonderful Cornish County, this will be a real treat and for those know the beauty of that area of the UK will be eager to experience such a novel experience.
Cheeky Sprite will be releasing the game across Android, iOS and Windows. It feels like the mobile platforms (especially tablets) would really suit this game.
We can't wait to see and play the finished article as it will feature a Cornish Smuggling Theme and storyline. We love this type of game and the point and click are truly one of our fave genres of all time.
We will keep you all updated with progress on this cool looking and sounding game as soon as we get it!

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