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Heroes Of Steel, Trese Brothers, GamesFreezer, VideoGames

Let us rewind and tell you all the story behind the cool Video Game 

"Heroes Of Steel The RPG"

Heroes Of Steel, VideoGames, Android, GamesFreezer


"Three years, two brothers, one KickStarter and a dream...."
The first fantasy world from Trese Brothers has arrived: a crowd-funded team building turn-based strategy RPG. 

In Heroes of Steel, you command a party of four heroes with a diverse set of backgrounds, skills, and abilities. 

You will make key choices as you strive to survive the plots of dark powers. 

Your adventure will follow the heroes through a sprawling story as you build each member of the team to your exact specifications.                          


The World of Steel has been the vision of Andrew and Cory for the past three years. 

Originally conceived immediately after the release of the brilliant Star Traders RPG, the zygote of what would become Heroes of Steel has spent years in development. 

The catalyst that began then to turn the vision into a finished product was The KickStarter Campaign

A successful Kickstarter and three existing games enabled the duo behind Trese Brothers to commit full time to the project! 

The Brothers could now make their dream come true........a full time job making their own games together!!          

Heroes Of Steel Features:

  • 4 Unique Characters
  • A Complex & Branching Storyline
  • Explore The Vast Underground World Of Steel
  • Thousands of Weapons, Armour and Gear to discover
  • 5 Rich Difficulty Levels

"Now It has finally come to pass that our great friends The Trese Brothers have released the game we previewed back in September, Heroes of Steel The RPG, it has been launched on the Android Markets and the iOS app stores."

Heroes Of Steel, Trese Brothers, GamesFreezer

Whenever The Wonderful Trese Brothers create a game they always create it with love and respect for their genre.

Immediately with Heroes Of Steel you can feel that this is definitely a labour of love for them as it oozes character and charm. 

We've found that with a lot of Android games, Character & Charm are really hard to come by, but Heroes Of Steel delivers this perfectly.

It's a game where you really can buy into the characters and their story line we just can't put the game down.

We love it because it takes us right back to our days of playing HeroQuest !

That for us is always a good thing as HeroQuest was second to none back in the day....

Heroes Of Steel, Trese Brothers, GamesFreezer

The game really does have a unique and strong storyline, and provides powerful tactics driven game-play that any classic RPG fan will enjoy.

The Trese Brothers love their marvellous video game creations and as three year indie developers, are super enthusiastic to launch a fifth game in the mobile markets and continue on their mission of making the best RPG titles for mobile!

We'd say that they are 99% of the way to achieving their goal with this wonderful title.

Heroes Of Steel, Video games, GamesFreezer

We'll continue battling our way through guards and dungeons until the next installment of the Trese Brothers Saga grips us!

We give Heroes Of Steel 4.5 ICE CUBES OUT OF 5

Heroes Of Steel, Games, Video, GamesFreezer

Heroes Of Steel RPG Factsheet

Trese Brothers

Based in Boston / Sacramento

Release date: 
December 5, 2013

Google Play
Amazon App Store
Apple App Store


Regular Price:
Episode 1$0.99
Episode 2$0.99
Episode 3$0.99
Episode 4$0.99
Character: Sorcerer$1.99

Games Freezer, Video Games, RetroGaming, Heroes Of Steel


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