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Having covered a few headsets between the £20-£50 price bracket from various brands and listening to dozens of hours of games, podcasts and music through them all, I was intrigued as to the leap in quality a £100+ headset would make and if it would even be that noticeable in the grand scheme of things.

Yes, yes it is.

As already stated, this wired headset retails for just north of £100 and sports:

40mm dynamic drivers

Bidirectional, noise-cancelling microphone

3.5mm connectivity

5 foot 3.5mm braided cable & 3.5mm braided splitter cable

Lift-to-mute microphone arm

Weighing in at 285g, the EOPS H3 is a very minimalist headset in terms of features, with only a volume dial on the right outer cup to speak of, but this is perfect for people such as me who prefer simplicity to more over-complicated setups.

The REAL grunt is in the performance and design, The H3 is COMFORTABLE. The low weight and soft padding mean that it can be worn for hours at a time without feeling cumbersome or even noticeable when you get hips deep enough into whatever game you are playing.

Everything about the purely black design feels unobtrusive and sleek, with the softness of the ear-cups and flexibility of the design meaning that it caters for all head sizes. As mentioned in previous articles, I have relatively large ears and the H3 are a great fit.

The microphone arm is of a lift-to-mute design (complete with a satisfying click) and is extremely clear and responsive. The highlight for me though is the sense of separation of instrumentation with the H3. when you game, there’s a real sense of spatial awareness and a distinction and clarity in each individual sound, giving a real epic, cinema-vibe that never feels over the top in the low or high end, it really rocks a perfect and powerful sense of balance.

There is also very little audio bleed, even at max volume – due to the closed acoustic design - so it’s a good call if you don’t want to disturb those around you.

I also have to mention how much I appreciated the braided cable as I’ve had real issues in the past with tangled, thin cables that feel flimsy but the cables supplied here feel stable and have a solid connection.  

The 3.5mm wired connection means that this is a pretty universal headset and I really don’t have anything to say in terms of negatives.

The quality is reflected in the price and, whilst some may prefer a wireless option, it’s not a concern to me, personally.

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