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A Tale Of Synapse: The Chaos Theories is an abstract styled and fun puzzle platformer littered with maths-based puzzles and a distinct gameplay mechanic which can see a second player playing the role of your on-screen ally as you work through the puzzles together.

I'm a big fan of this style of puzzle platform game and I especially like the idea of introducing a second character to switch between. In this case, the second character can be controlled by a second controller which is a nice way of creating some couch co-op gameplay with you and a mate/brother/sister/mother.

During a one player session of the game, you take control of Nero (the book loving lead character) with the left analogue stick and Sci with the right analogue stick. Nero is your typical platforming lead character who has an attack and a double jump and Sci is your typical 2nd character who has the ability to fly and pick up blocks etc to assist with the puzzles on offer. Sci also has the ability to see into an alternate dimension which gives you a 2nd view that can help you solve puzzles through on-screen clues.

The game seems to be drawing inspiration from games like Ori and also like the king of puzzle platformers Limbo and Inside. The game has a nice atmosphere to it as you work your way through the puzzles in an attempt to close a book that maybe you should never have opened. 

The star in this game is definitely the puzzles as the melee combat can seem a little much like its tagged onto the platforming and puzzle gameplay. It's not terrible combat but it does feel weaker than the puzzle platforming elements of the game.

Being a massive fan of the genre this game grabbed me immediately and is definitely on my recommended list of Switch indie titles to pick up.

Right, I'm off to dust some books in the library whilst hoping not to open up a rift in time that means I end up being transported to an alternative dimension.

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