Coffee Talk EP.2 – Official Soundtrack Vinyl Review By Britt ☕️📀@blackscreenrec #Vinyl #VideoGameVinyl

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Coffee Talk EP.2 – Official Soundtrack Vinyl Review
Having played – and enjoyed – the Coffee Talk games on Switch, I was excited to get the chance to really delve into the soundtrack, as I’m a big fan of hypnotic, trip-hop music – and the music was such a big part of Coffee Talk, enriching the atmosphere off the game without being intrusive or too abstract.

The nascent (well, to me at least!) ‘cosy’ genre revels in acting as a digital hug to its fans, and the music of Coffee Talk excels at this. It also arrived at a great time for me personally, as it was quite a stressful time related to family illness, and I’d had trouble settling on something to listen to as I worked, in my then-current state of mind my usual podcasts seemed irritating, familiar music grated on me, and I lacked the energy to seek out fresh sounds.

And so, when Coffee Talk Ep.2 arrived, it was a balm to my ears and mind, turning out to be exactly what I needed.

Presented in a gatefold sleeve, this 2-LP soundtrack album nails the tone with its matte cover hinting at Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ as colourful patrons laugh, chat and converse in the yellow light of a diner at night. Standing out as the sole place of nightlife on a rainy evening, surrounded by unremarkable, blocky buildings – it is a place of solace for the nocturnal, and the only hint as to the location is the silhouette of the Seattle Space Needle in the distance. Turning the record over shows a continuation of the cover art, with a crosswalk, and more buildings lit in a purplish evening hue leading off into the various streets of the city. The track listing is also featured here, alongside the credits.

Opening up the sleeve shows  a rear-view of the coffee shop patrons, in the same positions at the bar that they are shown in on the cover, we can see quite the variety of clientele, all involved in various conversations. I also spotted a carton of unrefrigerated milk right under a hot light, but I tried not to focus on that too much, lest it lead me to question the venue’s hygiene rating.

The records are ensconced in the classic Black Screen Records black inner-sleeve with that all-important anti-static lining, and each record (one blue, one violet – both transparent) features a label on the centre that contains the album information and side information in a swirl of dark coffee, all of this works together to create a sense of community, companionship and ease that the music on the vinyl drives home.

Coffee Talk EP.2 – Official Soundtrack Vinyl Review

Comprising of four sides and twenty tracks in total, The music of Coffee Talk Ep.2 was composed by series mainstay Andrew Jeremy, remastered for vinyl by Black Screen records go-to guy, Christian Bethge, whilst the artwork was handled by Junkipatchi. All deserve a round of applause because the album looks and sounds fantastic in all aspects. The music throughout features 3-4 minute trip-hop grooves that never deviate far from their core melodies, not out of a lack of experimentation or creativity, but in a bid to truly capture that hypnotic, mellow vibe. As you listen, you’ll get lost in the beat of a thudding kick-drum with luscious melodic runs and piano work lilting over the top, the looping coolness almost dreamlike in its delivery. That’s not to say that each song sounds the same, though. Some have grooves that Toejam & Earl would be proud of, as others feel lightly cyberpunk whilst yet more hint at gentle whimsy and weave a playful tone, and even reference the music of the Zelda games, cheekily.

Coffee Talk EP.2 – Official Soundtrack Vinyl Review


As stated at the start of this article, Coffee Talk Ep. 2 arrived at a time when I wasn’t feeling particularly musical, and was drained of enthusiasm, but though its calming, mellow approach, it helped re-ignite a brighter state of mind through it’s woozy zen. And it’s been on repeat for several days! A big recommendation from us at GF, especially for those who are drawn to the calmer side of life.

Record Label – Black Screen Records 

From the Black Screen Records site:

Dust off your coffee machine and prepare your warmest smile to meet your customers again in the second episode of the much-loved coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator – “Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly”. You are a barista, and your customers aren't always humans. Listen to their stories and influence their hearts with a warm cup of coffee or two.

Introducing “Coffee Talk Episode 2” on vinyl. Dive into the soothing rhythms of this atmospheric lo-fi soundtrack, which captures the very essence of the Coffee Talk universe.

Each groove transports you to that familiar coffee shop corner, where the patter of rain, heart-warming chatter and captivating melodies intertwine flawlessly. Presented in a stunning analogue format, the cover is drawn by Junkipatchi, Episode 2's lead writer and narrative designer. The tracks themselves have been handpicked by Andrew Jeremy, game producer and music composer, who has this to say: "The world is so chaotic that it can break you down. Just take your time to rest and re-energize with relaxing and chill music, before you start each day conquering the world once again."

So, settle down with your favourite brew and let Coffee Talk Ep. 2 on vinyl guide you on a melancholic yet tranquil journey, evoking the Seattle from a parallel universe that you've come to know and love. Secure your auditory escape today and immerse yourself in an unmatched coffee shop ambiance.


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