🏆 Rich's Games Of The Year 2018 🏆

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2018 was a time of plentiful video games. I almost drowned in games in 2018 but I didn’t even get close to playing all the games I wanted to.

For me, it was a year that I was totally devoted to my beautiful Nintendo Switch with my PS4 getting a look in more towards the end of 2018.

The first quarter of 2018 was taken up with me playing through two of the greatest video games ever produced!

Super Mario Odyssey and Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild consumed me in 2018. Two video games that were brought into this world from otherworldly game devs who are true masters of their craft. These two video games have left an imprint into my brain that will never go away. Fun and all-consuming are rare in video games and these games just needed you to play them for 100’s of hours and still you walk away with a Nintendo smile on your face.

Once I’d finished with Mario & Zelda it was time to soak up some handheld Nazi bashing in Wolfenstein 2 on the Switch. Wolfy 2 on Switch is a mini marvel miracle as it reproduces the thrill from its big cousins in a handheld version of the finest first-person shooters ever made. The story and the shooting combined is just amazing and had me gripped from minute one to minute one hundred. It’s the first Wolfenstein that I’ve ever played and has made me want more more more from the previous instalments, let’s hope the previous games come to Switch but if not I’m heading to eBay for some PS4 goodness.

Next up was INSIDE on the Switch. I loved LIMBO and played it first on Android and I had kept on missing out on INSIDE when it was released. Then lo and behold INSIDE was a Switch game in 2018, so I immersed myself into this bleak story for a week and absolutely loved it, by the end, my head was fried and I was ready for Playdead’s next game (whenever and whatever that might be!)

Finally, my long-suffering PS4 got some well-deserved attention from me as I launched myself into Conan Exiles for a month or two. It’s the first time I had really got stuck into a Survival type game and I feel better for the experience. Conan was my go-to game for a while but then something special happened…..

Red Dead 2 happened... seriously what a game. I haven’t partaken in a Rock Star video game since GTA: China Town Wars as GTA 4 and 5 bypassed me. I started the original Red Dead on PS3 but never finished it but there was something about the style of this follow up that caught me in its marketing and PR hype train. RDR2 was the first game that I have EVER pre-ordered! I’m glad to say that so far I haven’t been disappointed and yet I’ve barely scratched the surface of the game (I'm only 5% into the overall story!). This game is a masterpiece and I can’t wait to keep immersing myself into the Wild West Frontier for the first part of 2019.

Just as 2018 was closing out I was lucky enough to be given a review code for a game called Horizon Chase Turbo. This game is a slice of happiness from people who clearly adore the 80’s Arcade racers that I so love. It fits perfectly on the Nintendo Switch and is perfect for me when I want to relax and play a perfect racer that I don’t have to think about too much. I just have to get into the Zone and RACE! It’s so much fun and I would urge everyone to play this great homage to 80’s racers.

So as I reflect on the games that I spent most of 2018 with I notice a few things, two of the games I spent the majority of my time with actually came out in 2017 but so what, who cares nowadays? Also, who has the time to play all of 2017 or 2018’s great games in their respective release year?

The other thing I also realise is that I spent lots of time watching other people play video games and also talking about video games whilst I also maintained the Games Freezer website with fresh content from various sources.

So, therefore, my list may not have been as expansive as it could have been but hey we all have other things going on in our lives apart from video games such as sleeping and eating chocolate.

Anyway, I am going to attempt rank 2018’s video games that I played in 2018 in order of how much I loved them and let you take a look and comment:

  1. Wolfenstein 2 (Switch) - “Simply Brilliant”
  2. Horizon Chase Turbo (Switch) - “A Slice Of Fun”
  3. Inside (SWitch) - “Playdead Genius”
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) - “The ULTIMATE Cowboy Simulator”
  5. Conan Exiles (PS4) - “A Surprise To Me Just How Much I Enjoyed This Game”

My 2017 Games in 2018 are obviously two of the greatest video games of all time and would probably topple all the games above but I left them out of this list for fairness (BIG LOZ BOTW and SMO)

What were YOUR video games of 2018?

Let Me Know In The Comments.