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Guard Duty – Preview
Developer – Sick Chicken
Release date: Spring 2019 (PC – Steam)

A graphic-adventure game in the classic inventory-based puzzle vein, Guard Duty spans two time-zones and has a very British sense of humour about it.

It’s chunky pixelated hand-crafted artwork calls to mind titles such as Simon the Sorcerer (which it directly references in the opening scenes) backed up by an epic tale involving the end of the world.

During my time with the game, I did find some of the music loops a bit short but the voice work, visuals and humorous approach, combined with my (and clearly the developers’) long-term love of the Point ‘n’ Click genre make this a game I will definitely see through to the end and relish the opportunity to do so. 

A Kickstarter-backed project, Guard Duty is shaping up to be a fun title for the adventure lovers out there and the logical puzzle solutions keep the pace of the game up with no irritating pixel-hunting or baffling laps of logic in the way of a rollicking Medieval (and yet not-so medieval) tale.

Right, where did I put my greaves…

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