๐Ÿ‘น Review: Pikuniku "A beast that definitely isn’t a burden" ๐Ÿ‘น #GameDev @PikuNikuGame @BrittRecluseuk

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Game Title - Pikuniku

Platform Reviewed - PC (Steam)

Rating - Ice Cool

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with Pikuniku but after spending only a few minutes in the world of this charming puzzle-platformer, I couldn’t stop until I reached the end.

Set in a colourful, cute world, Pikuniku casts you in the role of ‘The Beast’, a being who has been buried away in a mountain and feared by the local populace for years. When you leave the mountain (thanks to a very familiar-looking ghost) and venture into the local village, however, it becomes apparent that you aren’t the snarling, toothy creature of fable, instead of being a two-legged blob with eyes peering from a silent face only too helpful to assist the townsfolk with their problems.
Making your way through the town, you see the seemingly altruistic work of the omniscient ‘Mr Sunshine’ who regularly showers money on the population in exchange for seemingly trivial things…or are there more sinister machinations at work?
Presented in a very simple, sharp 2D style, Pikuniku absolutely won me over with its approach of gentle and yet well-written humour, memorable characters and general bubbly approach. I was getting vibes of Wizkid through the zany scenarios, Dizzy from the movement style of the main character and Peggle for the jaunty musical themes.

Perfectly paced with a total game time of around 4 hours (although there are some hidden collectables and extra content scattered around) it really is a fun and brisk ride. The whole ethos of the development seems to be of fun. As you enter houses and come across the inhabitants of the world, you’ll also find mini-games such as playing basketball with a melon, dance competitions, a stealth section and even several boss fights which mix up the basic platforming action, all of which keep the game feeling fresh and don’t feel shoe-horned in, meshing with the humorous dialogue and preposterous situations to make a truly joyous cocktail.
Pikuniku is a game that looks like it was designed for children but the humour of the game works just as well for adults and the accessible design makes it a breeze to play with the player always moving forwards through the simple but jolly narrative, meeting new friends and characters as they go. Although there are sections where you can get a ‘Game Over’, you restart exactly where you are and so lose no progress, those looking for a serious challenge probably won’t get their kicks here but that’s really not what the game is about.

There is also a co-op mode included with bespoke challenges but I focused on the single player adventure and as I’m sure you can tell, I really liked it. Colourful, funny and oozing with charm, this is a game I heartily recommend to those looking for a summery glimpse into another, more squidgy world. I look forward to what the developers gift us with next. A wonderful way to spend a few evenings.


Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Recommended with reservations, one to consider if you are a fan of the genre)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

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