☆ Dare You Enter The Digital Press Library!? ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Imagine a place where all the almost forgotten Video Games Magazines, Games Manuals, Game Maps, Game Posters and all sorts of other forgotten or hidden away video gaming treasure lay awaiting discovery.......

Imagine no more as I take you to a place called Digital Press 

"The Video Game Database"
I only stumbled across this dark, musty corner of the web after being told of it's whereabouts by a cool dude in the know on Google+...............

Once there I was awash with information a wide variety of video gaming topics. 

It is like a geeks secret club full of video games knowledge BUT the area that got me excited was the DP Library...it was like discovering a secret cave of cool stuff...

The DP Library is vast repository of forgotten documents from a vast range of video gaming topics and in particular has an enormous array of game manuals in its archived treasures...

"  The library is a large, book-filled cavern, and the ceiling is hung with the 
moldering bodies of various creatures, mostly men. 

The shiny stuff is lighter inside than in the connecting
tunnels, and a clicking sound appears to emanate from within. 

A pile of shiny cocoons fills the northern half of the room and 
gems are scattered about the dirt floor. 

A forgotten backpack of cartridges rests on the slimy stone against the middle of the north wall.

 The air smells strongly of vanilla......"


Did You Enjoy YOUR Visit To The Library?.....

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