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A is for........

Atari is probably the most recognisable video games maker of all time...

Atari systems are THE Granddaddy of all the consoles that exist today...

Many things have been written of this awesome legend so I have gone and had a rummage for my top pieces of Atari trivia to see if I can uncover the odd bit of Atari gold

⦁    Nolan Bushnell founded Atari with a paltry $250, Ted Dabney (co founder) matched this investment and Atari was born.

⦁    A young 'hippy' named Steve Jobs demanded a job at Atari and was duly hired by Al Alcorn

⦁    Atari's in house newsletter was titled "The Gospel According To St. Pong"

⦁    Atari created its own competitors! In a less regulated era Atari were able to create another company which would compete against it by bringing out slightly modified Atari video games. Its name was Kee Games crazy times!

⦁    Nintendo & Atari nearly partnered when Nintendo came to America. It eventually fell through and the NES was born instead.

⦁    Atari employed Bill Gates to port the BASIC language to the Atari 800 Bill didn't finish the job quickly enough and was duly relieved of his duties.

⦁    The Atari 2600 was probably the best known Atari system and was also known as 'The Woody', 'The VCS' and 'The Heavy Sixer'

⦁    The Atari 2600 remained in production from 1977 until 1992!

⦁    Pac Man was the best selling Atari 2600 game with over 7 million copies sold (although it's not great!)

⦁    Atari beat Nintendo to the punch by creating the first computerized exercise device in 1982. Nintendo released Wii Fit around 25 years later.

Those are my fave pieces of Atari trivia.....What's Your Favourite Atari Trivia Titbit?

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