☆ 1982 - A Year In Video Games "Dragon 32, Pitfall & Popeye!" ☆ #Retrogaming

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Let's get in the Delorean and go back in time to take a closer look at a year in video games.

I'm always interested in what happened in the glorious and not so glorious past of video games and this seems like a good way of giving you all a snapshot of a year in video games.

I'll be picking out the following things for each year to give you an insight into what that year was like to be a gamer.

  • Gaming Consoles & Computers released in that year
  • 5 Key Video Games Released in that year
  • A sample of the key video games magazines from that year
  • Some nice retro gaming adverts from that year
  • 5 Key Arcade Games Released in that year
  • 5 Awesome Films released that year (not necessarily video games related)
Now you know the format let's take a closer look at 1982

Gaming Consoles / Computers Released:
Two powerhouses of the 80's were released in 1982 and proceeded to dominate the UK video games world for a fair few years beyond 1982. 

The C64 and the Speccy went head to head with Atari's many incarnations from here on in.
  • Commodore 64
  • Dragon 32
  • ZX Spectrum
  • Atari 600 XL
  • Atari 800 XL
  • Atari 1200 XL

10 Key Video Games Released in 1982
The Key Releases in 1982 seemed to focus around the Atari 2600 but also you had the likes of the Speccy and C64 muscling in on the action

1. Yars Revenge - Atari 2600

2. Pitfall - Atari 2600

3. River Raid - Atari 2600

4. Choplifter - Apple II

5. Football Manager - Sinclair ZX

6. Miner 2049er - Atari 8 Bit

7. Chopper Command - Atari 2600

8. Axis Assassin - Commodore 64

9. The Hobbit - ZX Spectrum

10. Horace Goes Skiing - ZX Spectrum

1982 Video Games Magazines:

C&VG alongside Electronic Games were the must have magazines of 1982. What was your fave from this era?

Electronic Games

Computer & Video Games (C&VG)

Video Games Player


Electronic Fun

Sinclair User

1982 Video Games Adverts
The thing I love about the video games ads from this era are the colours. The Atari 2600 ads were always the best but the Intellivision one for Frogger is awesome!


5 Key Arcade Games Released in 1982
The arcade was king in 1982 and it was the place to play all the latest releases. 1982 was a time for twitch gaming and high scores so naturally the arcade releases at the time tap into that sentiment but also releases like Pole Position showed the capabilities available in an arcade machine at the time! Check out these 1982 classics!

1. Zaxxon - SEGA

2. Q*Bert - Gottlieb

3. Popeye- Nintendo

4. Pole Position - Atari

5. Dig Dug - Atari

The game that stands out for me in this list is Popeye. 
What a beautiful oooking game it was and still is!

5 Awesome Films From 1982
The film posters from this era are second to none, love them just as much as the films!

1. E.T

 2. Blade Runner

3. Mad MAX 2

4. Poltergeist 

5. Tron 

So that's 1982 and what a year it was for video games as a staggering amount of great video games were released as the video games industry went from strength to strength both at home and in the arcades.

We know now that 1983 was to bring a video games storm that would shake the industry to its core but would also mean that the industry would pick itself up and learn from it's mistakes.....

We hope you've enjoyed this peek at 1982 and would love to know which video games, magazines and films you would have included in your pick of '82?

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